Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Going South in a HurryMy heart is overjoyed because of all the wondrous works of God this past month. August was our first full month away from our home base in North Carolina. It was a period of growth for our family and ministry that still has me praising God for His goodness.

Liz and I were, through the meetings God gave us, able to follow the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers all the way from New Richmond, Ohio, down to Luling, Louisiana. We then spent 2 weeks presenting in and laboring alongside churches in Mississippi and Alabama. In total, we were able to present our ministry in 10 churches! We are also thrilled to report that 4 people got saved through our soul-winning efforts this month. We praise God for the fruit. If you want more day-to-day updates, please like our Facebook page,

What really blessed my heart about this past trip was our time in Louisiana. I first saw the light of day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In St. Amant, Louisiana, I also saw the light of the glorious Gospel for the first time. I was born twice in that great state. I love it with all of my heart, and being so loved, it holds many dear family and friends whom we were able to see while we were there. One of those dear friends was my old bus captain, Mrs. Katherine DeFeo, who for years brought me to church on my home church’s bus route. She made such an impact on my life, putting up with my antics on the bus all of those years; she has many rewards for that, I am sure. It was so much fun thanking her for her investment. Thank God for bus captains!

On a heavier note, during that same trip in Louisiana, my grandma passed away unexpectedly. Knowing that she had not been doing well with her health, I had been praying that if something happened to her I would be able to preach her funeral or, at least, attend it. I also had been praying for the opportunity to present the Gospel to many of my family members. What did God do? He gave me all three! This was my first funeral ever, and my own grandma’s to top it off, so I was a good deal nervous. God’s grace was sufficient enough to get me through it. No one told me they got saved at the funeral, but I’m still praying that something will happen in their hearts.

We ask you to pray for these things in particular: a full 2015 calendar, our six-month-long trip, starting in October and ending in March, coupled with the ability to handle living out of a suitcase that long, for souls to be saved in our travels, and for the continued encouragement of pastors and churches.

His servant and yours,

Brian Hebert