Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  God Came Through!June was an absolutely amazing month! Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”  This past month of deputation, the Lord has increased out faith and has given us a better understanding of that verse.

June started out as a pretty trying month. The name of that test was car trouble. While on our way to FBMI’s annual Candidate School, our car’s engine started to misfire, causing a serious time delay in getting there. I changed the offending spark plug, and we were on our way. After Candidate School as we were rushing to make it to Kentucky, I ran over some 18-wheeler tire debris, which punctured our gas tank and drained all of our recent fill-up onto the interstate. Though we were upset, we did not lose faith. We knew that God had a plan, so we prayed for God to take care of the repair cost or for Him to give us a new car. I must tell you that our God is faithful! When we asked for either money for the repairs or a new car, we never imagined that we would get both! The love offerings from the three churches in Kentucky covered all the repair and car-rental expenses, and then we were offered a car at an extremely reduced cost. In the end, God’s purpose was realized, and we thank Him for the adversity that grew our faith. I do not know whether or not we “came forth as gold,” but we did come forth knowing and trusting our heavenly Father just a little better.

We also had the privilege to work with our dear friends Pastor Jeff Broadstreet and his wife Sandra in their annual VBS at the Valley View Baptist Church of Kernersville, North Carolina. They spoiled us rotten while we were there. I got to teach the class for the junior high and high school kids who came. It was so much fun seeing the kids’ enthusiasm for God. Also, my wife got to lead 4 children to the Lord that week. We made some good memories.

Of the six churches that Liz and I visited to present our work, five of them have either taken us on for support or had a family of the church decide to support us individually. We praise God again and again for His hand of favor on our ministry. Thank you all who pray for us continually. Your prayers made a difference, as they always do. I pray the Lord returns the blessings on you all a hundredfold. Continue to pray for safety, meetings, support, and, most importantly, for souls saved.

His servant and yours,

Brian Hebert