Brian Hebert Prayer Letter: Getting Into the TrenchesAnother month has flown by, even though it’s hardly seemed like more than a few days. We’ve now been in Canada for almost two months, and it’s been such a joy to finally settle in and get into the trenches with the Johnston family in reaching the Toronto Area for Christ. Liz and I are continuing to press on with our door-to-door soul winning, and we are still amazed at the scope of the need for the Gospel here. Depending on the day and the area in which we’re soul winning, we may be witnessing to people from half a dozen nations or more. The mission field of Iran has been on my heart lately, as we’ve met so many Iranians. What’s surprised me is that not all the Iranians we spoke to were Muslim; some said they were not religious at all! In Iran, one doesn’t have the opportunity to be vocal about not wanting to be Muslim, but here there’s the freedom to choose. Will you join in prayer with me that when we present Christ to the Iranian people, they would choose salvation through the precious blood of Christ? Also, please pray for our new teen Sunday school class. I began teaching on godly character traits, and it’s gone very well. Also, I’ve begun preaching in our afternoon service on the subject of godly music. Both of these new experiences have been very rewarding. The time spent in study has yielded fruit in my own life that I didn’t expect, and I have learned much as I seek to teach the Word of God to our church families. Please pray for me as I continue to teach these topics.

We had the pleasure of having Pastor Chris Jennette and his group from Calvary Baptist Church of Olney, Illinois, come to visit the work and to blitz Richmond Hill with the Gospel. Liz and I presented our work there several months ago, during which time I pitched the idea of their coming to visit someday to take a missions trip, which they obviously took seriously. They were such a joy to have because they had a mind to work and be a blessing. For several days, they went out soul winning with us, and sometimes, we all went twice a day. Though I’m sure they were quite tired (I’m sure they had to be tired because I sure was!), they never seemed to show it; and with their help, we knocked several streets entirely, gave out thousands of tracts and invitations, and helped us cover a few months’ worth of work in weekly soul winning in a short week. We also got to have some fun with their group. For his son’s birthday, which occurred during their visit with us, Pastor Jennette booked a session at a Toronto archery tag arena where, as you probably guessed already, people play tag with arrows—foam-tipped arrows, that is! We had so much fun tagging each other with foamy arrows; hopefully, Pastor Jennette will forgive me for shooting him several times that day. It’s so much fun serving God together with people who know how to have a good time without getting filthy with the world. They closed out their time with us by taking part in our Faith Harbour Conference, which was a short meeting designed to help teach our people how to grow their families in the Lord. They were certainly a valuable addition to our conference.

We’re so grateful finally to be serving God on the field. We couldn’t do it without the great prayer and financial support of you all. Our support has even picked up a little since we arrived. It was so good to get a call a couple of weeks ago to hear that yet another church wants to support us. God is so good! May the Lord bless you as you head into the holiday season. I pray you see many souls saved. Please pray, too, that God would use us to see souls saved as a result of our efforts to invite people to the special services we’ll be having from now until Christmas.

Pressing toward the mark,

Brian Hebert