Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Cold Days and Warm ReceptionsThis past month we had a number of anniversaries of our favorite “firsts.” Liz and I remember my first call and the fear with which I made it, our first meeting in the mountains of North Carolina, our first prayer letter, and even our first financial report. What it has shown us is that God has been with us and has been our source of strength all along. It reminds me that even though we have been on the road for over a year now, we still need Him daily to make this deputation ministry and our future ministry on the Toronto missions team successful. His grace will always be sufficient for us.

We split the month of January between two polar-opposite areas. First we were in Florida, and then we jumped up to northern Illinois! One weekend we were sweating in 85 degrees, and the next weekend we were freezing in 25 degrees. Our time in Florida was well spent with some amazing men of God, such as Pastor Marne Palmani and Pastor Steven Folsom. Both are incredible works with amazing people who make them go. At Pastor Folsom’s church, I was able to preach in children’s church, which is something I have not gotten to do in quite some time. Junior Church is the ministry that Liz and I love the most, so we were very excited when we were allowed to be a part of it.

In the middle of the month, Liz and I made our slow trek up to the North for several meetings. Despite the cold weather of Illinois, we received a warm welcome in the churches. We spent the first weekend with Pastor Bill Stedman in Posen, Illinois. I really enjoyed getting to see his heart for his area when we went soul winning together. We made fast friends with his family and church. It really felt like home to us. Through Pastor Stedman’s recommendation, we dropped in to a couple of other area churches: one in Sauk Village, Illinois, with Pastor Barry Lee and then the other in Bridgeview, Illinois, with Pastor William Clark. Again, both were wonderful opportunities for possible future meetings, as well as great fellowship. Finally, we ended the month with an old friend, Pastor Keith Ellis, who, through the Lord’s moving, took a pastorate in Macon, Illinois. He graciously allowed us to present our work to his new congregation. This was the first time that we have seen a pastor twice in less than a year’s time. After wonderful fellowship with the Ellis family, we headed to Ottawa, Illinois, to meet with Pastor Paul Robinson at Harvest Baptist Church. It is a relatively new church plant in the heart of the downtown area that is doing very well.

In January we made many new contacts and met old friends. It was my privilege to preach many times in order to encourage God’s people to keep on the firing line for the Lord. Please continue to pray for our support level to grow. We have received all of the commitments that were pledged to start in January. Praise God for that! Thank you all for your partnership with us for Toronto’s souls. God be with you till we meet again.

His servant and yours,

Brian Hebert