Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Beyond ExpectationsBut my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19) We live our lives depending on the truth contained in this verse. During this past month, the truth of this verse was doubly evident. We’ve recently had a big expense come along with my wife’s recent root canal and crown, and my prayer, after receiving the bill, was that we would not need to dip into the money we’ve been saving but rather that we would receive enough extra in love offerings to pay for our bill. At the very end of August and into early September, we were able to drop into five services that were not planned, but what was amazing was that the pastors in three out of the five gave us love offerings. To add to the amazing grace that God had already showed, the churches in which we already planned to be were all very generous with offerings. We received a record this month in love offerings. God went far above my expectations!

The fall season marks the beginning of a missionary’s busy season, and our fall season has been very busy. In fact, I honestly can’t give every detail without writing three pages; God has been that good to us! I’ll try to hit the highlights as best I can. At the beginning of September, we stayed in Northern Georgia at Happy Acres Missions Housing. On the first weekend, we dropped in for soul winning at Crossroads of Life Baptist Church in Canton, Georgia, because we did not have a planned meeting that weekend. Pastor Ray has already heard our burden for Toronto, but we wanted to go out with a church we already had a history with. Because we dropped in for soul winning, Pastor Ray felt led of the Lord to allow me to preach the Sunday morning service! His church was one of those that helped us greatly in putting money on our dentist bill. That Sunday night we dropped into a church in Cumming, Georgia, and as a result we were invited back for their Missions Jubilee in November. We traveled next to Alabama for a Wednesday night meeting in Birmingham, and then we had a whirlwind trip into Florida, with four meetings in a ten-day span; three of those meetings occurred in four consecutive days. I’ll just make the understatement that we were pretty tired by the end of it all. We ended the month back in Georgia in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia in Hiawassee with Pastor Anthony Dye at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. We were busy this month, but God has shown Himself strong on our behalf.

Here’s a little praise report for those who prayed for our opportunities out West. Since I last mentioned our need for meetings out West, the total number for meetings has climbed to five, with three of them being missions conferences. Please continue to pray for our schedule out West next year. We have enough meetings scheduled already to be there for three months possibly. Pray also that we can find lodging for that long. Lastly, will you join me in praying that my wife’s dental bill will be paid in full without us having to dip into our savings for our field expenses? We are trying not to touch our support and instead live on our love offerings so that we will not have ask our supporting churches for startup expenses when we ultimately move to Canada. We want to be as frugal with God’s money as we can. I’m seeking God’s will in this matter and ask for wisdom to do this according to His plan.

Thanks to Calvary,

Brian Hebert