Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Another Blessed YearAs we close out the year 2017 and begin afresh the new year 2018, I’m reminded of the many times God has done great things for us; I trust you have this sweet reminiscing in your hearts and minds as well. The year 2017 was a year of long trips, such as a trip from South Louisiana to the far reaches of Northern New York, from the comfort of home in Rougemont, North Carolina, to as far as Yuma, Arizona, and a complex trip with many stops from the West to the Midwest and then to the Eastern Seaboard—all in one month! Yet God has preserved our lives and sustained us throughout all our travels. We’ve also seen a new supporter come on board with our ministry 11 out of 12 months this year. We’ve been blessed to see several souls saved in our personal evangelism across the United States. We’ve enjoyed having meetings in a few new states like Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Maine, and Rhode Island. To say that God has amazed us with His creation is a tremendous understatement.

December was a restful month away from hard travel. During this much-needed reprieve from the long road, I was able to schedule many meetings for this year, which has given us a great lineup of meetings for 2018. We had such a great Christmas with my wife’s family in North Carolina, but the time came towards the end of December where we needed to hit the road once again. One of our drop-ins from many months ago turned into a meeting on New Year’s Eve morning. I was blessed to present our ministry and to preach at Oak Grove Bible Baptist Church in Hornbeck, Louisiana. We’re thankful to Pastor Northway and his great congregation for their sweet hospitality. I also got to preach at one of our faithful supporters and frequent stops when we’re in this region of Louisiana, Bible Baptist Church, also in Hornbeck, Louisiana. We were so blessed to be able to see these good friends once again.

Please continue to pray for what we hope is the last leg of deputation coming up between January and May of 2018. We only have about 20% left to raise, and we believe, even if we’re not sure how it will happen, that God will raise this up for us through new and old meetings. Hope y’all have a faith-filled and Happy New Year!

Pressing toward the mark,

Brian Hebert