Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  A Month of Long-Distance TravelIf last month was a month of firsts, October was a month of long-distance travel. We literally went coast to coast. After our last September meeting, we began the very long drive from Southern California to North Carolina. On October 1, we began the missions conference of Currytown Baptist Church in Lexington, North Carolina. Yes, we were tired, but this conference was not only a blessing, it was refreshing! We had a short respite before boarding a plane to go back to California for another missions conference in Marysville. Bible Baptist Church was another wonderful blessing to us. Several great things happened there, but I want to point out the best part—I got to lead 2 souls to Christ! Cody came to Christ on his front lawn, and I got to lead Ana to Christ on her front porch, using broken Spanish and a Spanish soul-winning card. Both of these wonderful churches committed to supporting our ministry in Toronto.

Our next meeting was only two hours away from our home in North Carolina. We were so grateful that this one only required a small amount of travel after multiple trips covering thousands of miles in only a matter of a few weeks. We got to attend Missions Day at Spring Creek Baptist Church in Seven Springs, North Carolina. There were many missionaries there, but what delighted me the most was to see the amount of people who now attended church there! If you look back many prayer letters ago, you’ll see we previously presented our ministry there, but when we first attended, the average attendance wasn’t near the numbers they now average. It was such a privilege to share our heart for Toronto there.

Our next meeting was in Chattanooga, Tennessee, at Harmony Baptist Church. It was so good to be back in the Smoky Mountains. The trip out there was breathtaking, and the meeting was encouraging. We ended the month’s meetings in Rome, New York, at Faith Bible Baptist Church. When we arrived in town, we got to go out visiting with Pastor and Mrs. Camuglia. Though this church is fairly young, I was surprised to see the amount of converts they have. Most of them are awaiting discipleship because there are more converts than can be discipled one by one. The church is amazing! I believe God is going to use them greatly. We stayed in the Camuglia home, which gave us a chance to get to know them and gain new friends.

I’m encouraged by so many things that happened this month. From souls saved to the support raised and from the new friends gained to the new ideas they gave me, we have been so enriched by our experiences. Pray for those recently saved: Ana only speaks Spanish, but at the moment there is no ministry or Spanish church available for her to attend. We rejoice in her salvation, but we don’t want her to slip through the cracks. Also, please pray for November’s meetings. We will be in two missions conferences in West Virginia and Texas, and we’ll be in other single meetings in New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Would you also pray that we will reach the milestone of 65-70% of our support raised by the end of this year? God can do it!

Thanks to Calvary,

Brian Hebert