Brian George Prayer Letter:  We Need Tracts!The Bethel Baptist Church here in Tucuman just keeps going forward. We are winning many souls on the streets and passing out thousands of Gospel tracts as we go door-to-door soul winning. We continue to see more than 8 first-time visitors every church service. We have been baptizing 1 to 5 new converts every Sunday evening. The church has 13 bus routes that bring people from all over this city of close to one million people. It is exciting to be part of a church that is going forward.

george1Our Bible college has close to 30 students. On the 3rd of December, David Rearte graduated. He is going to start a church in La Rioja, Argentina. We are excited about this student. He came four years ago with his wife and children to enroll in our Bible college. After six months he got discouraged and decided to go back home. I talked to him and was able to convince him to stay for a few more months. He stayed all these years and graduated. He worked as an electrician and sold garbage bags in order to support his family. He was always a serious student, hungry to learn more from God’s Word. Please pray for Pastor David Rearte as he starts a new church.

We are in desperate need of Gospel tracts. Most of our pastors do not have tracts as they go out door-to-door soul winning. My goal is to be able to print a million Gospel tracts per year. So far, all the research that I did indicates it will cost close to US$7,000 to print one million tracts. I plan to go to a few more print shops and get a final price. My plan is to offer tracts free of charge to any pastor in Argentina. I’m working on a distribution system to send boxes of tracts all other Argentina. I’m super excited about this project! Please pray that I will be able to raise the funds for this project. Please pray for this need!!

May God bless you richly! Thank you for your love and support!

For souls,

Brian R. George and Family