Brian George Prayer Letter:  Two New Missionary Families Coming to Argentina!Our Bible college just started its 13th year of classes. This year we currently have slightly fewer than 40 students. Thank you for your support. Your missions giving has enabled us to train these students and send them out to start new churches. So far, 13 new churches have been started, and 30 graduates are out pastoring or serving the Lord full-time. The Bible college is a vital ministry for training pastors for the next generation. Thank you for your support in reaching Argentina for Christ.

In the next coming months, two new missionary couples are coming to Argentina to work in the area of church planting. We are very excited about working with the men of God who are coming. The couples are Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Hudson and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Young. They both are close to retirement age and plan to dedicate the last 10 years or more of their lives to the cause of reaching Argentina for Christ.

The Argentine government has changed the rules regarding how many boxes an individual can receive in one year. As of right now, we are only allowed two boxes a year from the United States. If you want to send us a box of literature, care package, etc., we will have to say “No,” because it will be mailed back to you. Thank you for your understanding!

In the past I have promoted “One Million Gospel Tracts for Argentina Per Year.” We are still in desperate need of Gospel tracts. We could easily print tracts here in Argentina. You could have a special offering for the printing of Gospel tracts here. We could print up to one million tracts depending on your prayers and vision. The need to start a Bible and Tract Distribution Center is a great need. From Argentina, tracts could be sent to other surrounding countries. I would like to see your church get involved in this type of ministry. You could purchase property with warehouse space here in Argentina and have a great and vital ministry of distributing God’s Word throughout Argentina. Please pray!

We recently had a Faith Promise conference in the church. The church people responded very well and pledged to give close to US$400 per month to missions. During the year 2013, the people gave close to US$3,000 to missions. The church currently supports 16 missionaries. It got me excited to see the people giving towards the cause of missions. Most of the people give a $1 a week to missions. Praise the Lord!

We continue to go forward reaching Argentina for Christ. Our motto is “By Faith, Let’s Go Forward.” ( Thank you for your love and support!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family