Brian George Prayer Letter: The Lord's Work Is an Exciting Adventure!Early Sunday morning on the 19th of May, all four wheels of our car were stolen from right in front of our house while we slept. Our car was sitting on the ground with all four wheels missing, including the nuts, the jack, and the fire extinguisher. Working in the Lord’s work is an exciting adventure! This was our first day with Benjamin George and Bro. John Hays with Pure Water—Living Water for Argentina! The church here took up an offering, and we were able to purchase some used tires. Praise the Lord! The fence in front of our house is in very poor shape—it’s falling down, and we do not have a gate! Praise the Lord for a large donation that just came in! It was enough to install a brand-new fence with eight strands of barbed wire. We still lack the funds to purchase a gate, security cameras, security lights, and motion sensors. Please pray for the security of our property and house!

God is leading me to start a new ministry here in order to start new churches. It will be called “Cry of Macedonia.” We will be starting new churches all over Argentina and surrounding countries, with a goal to start 100 churches. This ministry will consist of going soul winning in a new city until we find a “house of peace,” an individual or group that wants to start a church. We will then do the work of training the new leadership, starting the church, and then going to a neighboring city to find another “house of peace” and start another new church. We need to Go Forward by Faith! Please pray! We have many needs but believe that God will supply in His timing as we go forward!

Our Bible college was just blessed with a newlywed couple from Cuba. This couple wanted to study in a Bible college, and they got in contact with us! I was able to do all the legal paperwork at the local Immigration Office, and this couple just arrived this past weekend at our church. Our prayer is that this couple will grow in the Lord and that God will use them greatly in the future, as they desire to start churches. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your faithful support! We are seeing people saved out soul winning and in the Jail Ministry on a weekly basis. We are very grateful for your love and prayers! You are welcome to come here for a visit!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family