Brian George Prayer Letter:  Soul-Winning Visits and Bible College Goals!Praise the Lord! We’ve had many exciting soul-winning experiences lately! While out soul winning, we visited a family just a few blocks from the church. This was a Roman Catholic family with a son who terrorized the neighborhood by stealing, drinking, taking drugs, and throwing rocks. I was able to lead the son and his sister to Christ. A few days later, their mother was led to Christ. I witnessed to their father, but he did not get saved. The son belonged to a gang that was a bad influence on him. With permission from the relatives, I was able to send him to a Christian drug-rehabilitation center. Praise the Lord that this family is now coming faithfully to church! I’m working on reaching other neighbors in the area. There is a great harvest field just a few blocks away. Praise the Lord!

I received a call from Matias, one of our bus captains, begging me to come and help him lead a lady who was demon-possessed to Christ. After fasting and praying, we went and visited Raquel. We were able to lead her and her husband to Christ. A week after the visit, we were able to talk to Raquel. She was very grateful for all our help, and she was not having any more problems with demon possession. Praise the Lord!

Just a few blocks from the church, we led Sergio to Christ. He begged me to visit a child who was demon-possessed. We immediately went and were able to lead nine people to Christ. We eventually led the child, his friends, and his neighbors to Christ. There are three new families coming to church faithfully because of this visit. It’s exciting to go out and deal with the people, to give them hope for their struggles and lead them to Christ. Praise the Lord!

Our Bible college opens its doors for another school year this coming March 26. By faith, we are hoping to have 40 students enrolled for this coming college year. Our goal is to train hundreds of students to reach Argentina for Christ. Our Bible college has a lot of needs, and we need some large investments to be able to go forward. Pray that God will increase my faith so we can expand.

We would like to thank you for your faithful support. May God bless you richly!

Here to serve,

Brian Roy George and Family