Brian George Prayer Letter:  Quick Trip to the USA and BackMy sister Debra (52 years old) was married on July 26 in Harrison, Tennessee. It is hard for me to believe that she is married. I’m praising the Lord and so excited for Debra. She has served the Lord faithfully as a single missionary, helping my dad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, all these years. A few years back, my sister was introduced to Steve Anner, a missionary in Mexico who had lost his wife. Steve and my sister are making plans to go to the mission field of Central America and serve as missionaries for the rest of their lives together.

I wanted to go to the wedding, and a month before the wedding, I was able to purchase a round-trip ticket for $1,300 to be at the wedding. It was super exciting to be there and see it with my own eyes and to spend a few days with family. I went by myself and was away from my family for just 13 days. During my visit to the United States, I was able to spend a lot of time with my son Benjamin. I was also able to visit my home church in Washington, Iowa, and spend some time with Pastor Joe Brown. On this trip I was able to visit Greenwood Bible Baptist Church, in Greenwood, Indiana; Crossroads Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana; and Open Bible Baptist Church in Columbus, Indiana. A treat that I enjoyed while I was in the States was to be able to drink some Mountain Dew. We cannot get this drink anywhere in Argentina.

In our last newsletter, I mentioned raising US$2,000 among our people in order to purchase 200 plastic chairs for the church. I worked on raising funds for three months. We prayed, promoted, and took up three offerings. The church people gave and sacrificed, and a total of ARS$2,600 (US$260) was given. We were able to purchase 30 chairs. Praise the Lord!

Another great blessing is that the church here was able to purchase 10,000 full- color Gospel tracts from the regular tithes and offerings. All these tracts have been passed out as of the writing of this letter. It cost US$158 to purchase 10,000 full-color Gospel tracts printed here in the country. Another 28-page, fully illustrated Gospel booklet is also ready to be sent to the printer here. It cost US$0.22 for each booklet. Please pray for the need for Gospel tracts.

Thank you for your love and support!

At your service,

Brian R. George and Family