Brian George Prayer Letter:  Praise the Lord! $40,000 Given for the Property Need!We are super excited about the property purchase behind the Bethel Baptist Church in Tucuman, Argentina. In our last newsletter, I mentioned the need for $40,000 to purchase this property so we can expand our auditorium and expand our Bible college! Praise the Lord! The total amount has been given. This is a great victory for the cause of reaching Argentina for Christ.

I want to thank the following individuals for their gifts (I will leave some names out so God can get the glory): A group of churches, relatives, and friends gave US$8,600! A missionary came up to me and gave me US$1,000 cash! Two individuals from Perryopolis Baptist Church, Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, gave US$5,000 each. The Victory Baptist Church in Fredonia, New York, gave US$1,000. Another individual in the same church gave US$200. The people, staff, and pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, took up offerings for two weeks and gave a total of US$18,000. The Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, gave US$1,000. Praise the Lord! You need to praise the Lord with us! We are working on making arrangements to purchase this property sometime soon. Pray that it will go smoothly!

Furlough travels! We praise the Lord for safe travels in the last two months. We have been going from church to church, giving a report about the work of church planting in Argentina. In the last two months, we have traveled to the following states, along with Canada: Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota. The first two weeks of April, we had to cancel some meetings because of Liesl’s health issues. Praise the Lord! She is doing better! We had some very good meetings in supporting churches and new churches we visited.

We just received our new prayer cards! We are planning to send cards out to all our supporting churches in the next few weeks. We also had our prayer cards made into magnets to put on your refrigerator. Please let us know how many cards you will need. We would like for each individual who is praying for us to get a card. Just let us know, and they will be on their way!

The economy in Argentina is not doing very well. Right now the inflation rate is over 2% per month. The dollar has not increased in value for over a year! Many years back, Mrs. Dorothy Sanford coined the phrase, “How much are you getting for your green beans?” Translated in more simple terms: “How many Argentinian pesos are you getting for the dollar?” Over a year ago, we were getting 15.40 pesos for the dollar; now the rate is at 15.35 pesos for the dollar. We leave this in God’s hands. “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5) We praise the Lord for you, our faithful supporters. We leave to go back to Argentina on August 8!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family