Brian George Prayer Letter:  Mrs. Ruth Owens' Passing and New Prison Ministry Started at Local PrisonOn July 13, 2018, Mrs. Ruth Owens passed away at a hospital in Decatur, Illinois. Let me go back and tell you about some of the events that happened. During the last week of June, Mr. and Mrs. Owens flew into Decatur, Illinois, on a Saturday. Mrs. Owens arrived there very weak and sick and was taken to the local hospital. Her situation continued to get critical over the next few days.

On Sunday, July 1, I was thinking about Joshua and Caleb, their sons here at our church. Sunday night after the service, we had a prayer meeting. I announced that we needed to purchase plane tickets for Joshua and Caleb. They were here in Tucuman while their parents were in the U.S., with their mother in critical condition. They wanted to be with their mother. They did not have the funds to purchase a ticket. I announced at the prayer meeting that the church somehow would get the money in three days to get their tickets. The amount needed was $2,434.

That night, members of the church sent out messages to other church members to pray and give. As soon as the prayer meeting was over just before midnight, a lady showed up with $200. We started promoting this on Facebook and through text messages. During Monday and Tuesday, the money continued coming in. The people here dearly love the Owens family, and they wanted to do what they could to help. By Wednesday night, all the funds needed had come in. Praise the Lord for the people of Bethel who sacrificed and did something we never thought they could do!! Twenty-eight people came to the airport to see them off. We want you to rejoice with us over the great things God has done.

I am praising the Lord! We had many saved out soul winning! Hector was dying of lung cancer—he had smoked all his life. As we were knocking on doors, we found him. We went through the plan of salvation with Hector, and he wanted to get saved! Serving the Lord is exciting!

We must keep the pulpit at Bethel hot with preaching that will move the people to change their lives and get right with God! If I let down and relax, the spirit will change; we will lose people, and we will fail to reach this city for Christ! I am planning on preaching on the fires of Hell in a week or two—a lot of Bible and a lot of action! Let’s go forward by faith—no turning back!

We are starting a Prison Ministry out of our church! This past week, I was able to visit the maximum-security prison twice with Dr. Bobby Sizemore from Rock of Ages Prison Ministry. We were able to see 5 saved in the prison. The prison that we will be going to is Villa Urquiza near our church. Close to 1,300 prisoners are confined there in 6 different units. This coming Friday morning, I have a very important meeting with the secretary of prisons, the secretary of addictions, and the secretary of security! Please pray that they will give me complete freedom to work in the prison, to preach the Gospel to all the prisoners, and to be able to have a Reformers Unanimous meeting on a weekly basis!

We desperately need Spanish Bibles to distribute free of charge to the prisoners! We also need discipleship literature to work with them! Please pray for this need! I can purchase boxes of Spanish Bibles from a local source here in Argentina. Each box of 24 Bibles will cost US$69. For the discipleship literature, I can print up the lessons in my office. I need a color printer, which will cost approximately US$650. This is a tremendous opportunity to reach a lot of men with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family