Brian George Prayer Letter:  Moving ForwardPastor Owens and family are leaving to go back to the United States for three months during May of this year. They will be going to their son David’s wedding and to be by the bedside of Pastor Owens’ mother, who is in critical condition in Decatur, Illinois. His mother Jacqueline is not saved, and we are praying and fasting for her salvation.

During his absence I will be leading the church forward. In the next two weeks, I will lead the church members to give US$2,000 above their regular tithes in order to purchase 200 plastic chairs for the church. We are taking special offerings and praying that God will bless. This coming Sunday we will promote the theme “The Fires of Hell” and show the film The Burning Hell after the evening service. The church has a spirit of revival. Praise the Lord!

Benjamin, our oldest child, has been studying in a Bible college in Indiana. This is a new phase of life for all of us as we try to adjust to being so far apart. We are tremendously thankful for the ability to Skype on almost a daily basis. He is currently in Washington, Iowa, at our home church. This summer he will be working at Cedar River Baptist Camp, which is a ministry of Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois. Please pray for him as he seeks God’s will for his life. He is longing to do the Lord’s will. Thanks for your prayers for Benjamin!

The radio ministry of the church is currently off the air because a tube in the transmitter burned out. In the past we had a great response from our radio listeners. The equipment that we are using is the old tube type, which is outdated. The repairs would cost up to $1,500. Our technician has advised us not to fix the burned-out tube and to go ahead and purchase some new equipment. We recently were able to inquire about buying all new equipment from a local factory here in Argentina. I just received a list of all that we need, and the total came to US$5,000. Please pray for this need! Our radio station can reach an audience of up to a million people.

Thank you for your regular love and support! Please keep praying for Argentina!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family