Brian George Prayer Letter: Missions Trips and Missions ConferencesDuring the first week of January 2020, I was in Posadas, Argentina! This city has 300,000 people! We are looking into starting a new church in this city. I’m with Benjamin J. George! We are stepping out by faith!! Please pray!

During the first week of January, I was also able to visit Asuncion, Paraguay. I stayed and visited with Missionary Manning Rodriguez. We also visited Pastor Arnaldo there in Asuncion, and I was able to preach in his church. This city has a population of over one million and is 90% Roman Catholic! Please pray for the need to start new churches in the country of Paraguay. I may go back to Asuncion this coming May or June to hold a three-day Pastors’ Conference! Please pray for the need of US$2,000 to cover the expenses of traveling for two speakers and our expenses of traveling in the country!

During the first week of February, I was able to make a trip to Salta, Argentina, with Bro. John Hays, my sons Benjamin and Ezequiel, and a group from our church. Pastor Norberto Pereira has been in the city of Union, Salta, for over 20 years. His assistant is Jose Subía! These men are building a church and reaching a lot of people in La Union, Salta. Around this city, within a 25-mile radius, there are 114 villages! They are working on starting a new church in each village. They also plan to start a Christian radio station as soon as they can buy a tower, cables, and a computer! He already has the equipment for the radio station. He has a place to put the antenna up. He lacks just the tower and some cables! I’m praying for this need. He also needs an air conditioner and a computer! This is a very good investment! This radio will reach the entire city and all the 114 villages! Could you partner with me to get this radio station up and going? We put a video up on Facebook about this need. I drove a total of 958 miles in my car! It was a very productive 2 days. We visited 7 churches and 5 pastors. I was able to lead a couple to Christ, and 11 were saved during the invitation. We distributed Bibles, Gospel tracts, and discipleship literature! I was able to preach 3 times! I spent US$260 on gas and food!! Praise the Lord! Thank you for your love and support!

Praise the Lord!! Pastor Danny Ortiz from Lewisville, Texas, is here in Tucumán, preaching at Bethel Baptist Church for our Missions Conference! We just finished our Faith Promise Missions Conference! Our church supports 21 missionaries! We are starting churches all over Argentina and surrounding countries! Our church here is averaging close to 300 in attendance! They are very humble people! Our people averaged giving US$387 to missions on a monthly basis! We received very good and very practical sermons on giving to missions to reach this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Last night we took up our pledge cards, and this needy church on the mission field pledged a total of US$774 monthly to missions! Praise the Lord! Now we can increase the support of our current missionaries and add 5 new ones. I’m excited and very proud to be a part of this giving church!!

I just witnessed to this couple (pictured on the right, along with my son Samuel and me)! Praise the Lord! They received the Gospel and wanted to get saved!

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George