Brian George Prayer Letter:  Here to Serve!Just a few weeks back, I was able to sell our car that we’d had for three years! We had to repair it many times along the way; it broke down many times. It was at the mechanic shop every other week, and we invested way too much money into keep it running. Someone found out it was for sale and came to my house this morning! I showed the new buyer the windshield that was cracked in many places, the concerns with the radiator overheating, and the worn-out, smooth tires. I did not think he would buy it . . . but he did! I’m glad that it was sold as is and that I did not need to fix it up! Just a week and a half ago, I was able to purchase a 2018 Volkswagen Virtus. The local dealership gave me credit! Praise the Lord!

I preach in a maximum-security prison every Wednesday afternoon! The jail has close to 1,200 inmates. The jail is divided into 10 sections. We work in the area that has just 30 men who are in for murder or violent crimes—some of the worst cases in the prison. The men are not forced to come hear the preaching! On this particular Wednesday, 10 men sat down for the open-air service. We had song time, prayer time, counseling time, and preaching time! There were 5 other men standing around in the area listening to the preaching, including the prison guards! I talked about the rich man and Lazarus! Four men responded and got saved! Praise the Lord! We also have 5 of these men going through discipleship training throughout the week. Praise the Lord for this ministry! We also pass out free Bibles and Gospel tracts! I would like to thank the individuals who donated for the Bibles, the discipleship materials, and the Gospel tracts! We are not allowed to take pictures or use cell phones in the jail, which is the reason no pictures are included!

During the last three weeks, my wife has been sick a lot, feeling weak, along with a lot of discomfort! She has been getting worse, and we became concerned since she was not getting better! We visited a doctor here in Tucuman and only found some minor concerns after doing some tests. We decided that she needed to go to the USA to see a specialist and get further tests! My sweetheart left on August 13 and will be staying in Washington, Iowa, for the next five weeks!

Liesl was able to see a specialist! The report from the doctor was not good. She is having problems with her thyroid, and she has candidiasis, as well as Epstein Barr virus. The doctor did the necessary tests and found out that she was a lot worse compared to previous tests. The good news is that she will be on a strict diet and nutritional supplements for the next few months. We have a lot of faith that she will get her health back! Thank you for your prayers! Pray for the extra funds needed for airplane tickets, traveling in the USA, and for the nutritional supplements needed for her health! Please pray for a complete recovery! She is my better half, and I dearly miss her!

I just preached to close to 300 people here at Bethel Baptist Church! We had 3 saved, 6 first-time visitors, 1 baptized, 6 called to full-time Christian service, and many decisions made at the altar. I preached on the subject of Hell! We got fired up to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family