Brian George Prayer Letter: Fires of Evangelism ConferenceJust a few years back, I won a man named Adan to Christ. He would play ball and drink with his buddies every weekend. His wife came to church faithfully for years and asked prayer for her husband’s drinking problem! I visited Adan many times, and he would promise me to come to church, but he would never show up because of his drinking problem! One Saturday, I invited him again and told him that I was going to speak on drinking the following day at church. He showed up!! I had a line of empty wine bottles on the platform and preached my heart out. Adan took one of the empty bottles, ran outside, broke it on the curb, and promised God he would not drink again. He has not touched a bottle since that day! He has invited his drinking buddies to church, and most of them have gotten saved and started to come faithfully! Praise the Lord!

This past November, we had our annual Fires of Evangelism Conference at the church. This year Dr. Tommy Ashcraft came to speak, along with Pastor Carlos Flores! Our people were super excited about the conference. They donated $120,000 pesos (US$2,000) and all the food for the event. We served 3 meals a day for 3 days to over 400 people! The church was packed out as always. We had to rent 200 chairs and still had people standing up in the back. God blessed in a great way, with over 30 pastors present and 12 called to full-time Christian service! Praise the Lord!

Please pray for a need we have! Every Sunday we put out all the chairs and benches that we have, but we still do not have enough chairs to seat the crowds that are coming! We are in desperate need of plastic chairs. Here they cost $11.50 each. We have started a fund for chairs here, but the funds are coming in slowly! Our prayer is to be able to purchase 200 chairs sometime soon. Also, I would love for a work team to come from the USA to help us make wood benches! In just 4 to 5 days, we could make 100 benches. Each bench could seat up to 4 people! Please pray for this need!

Praise the Lord! My wife Liesl is doing a lot better. She is back here with me after receiving a lot of help in the USA for her medical condition during the month of September. She still depends on nutritional supplements from the USA, which are becoming complicated to get into Argentina. I may have to travel to the USA to pick up some supplements every few months. Thank you for your prayers!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family