Brian George Prayer Letter:  Church Celebrates 25th AnniversaryIn our last newsletter, Samuel was in the public hospital being treated for kidney failure. He was in the hospital for two weeks. Praise the Lord! Samuel is home and has completely recuperated. Thank you for your prayers! We praise the Lord that we were able to lead 6 souls to Christ at the hospital. It was a great learning and humbling experience to be at the public hospital. The service was good. God gave us good doctors and nurses to care for Samuel.

On the 15th of December, the church here had its 25th Anniversary party. The attendance was way over 800 people. We had 80 first-time visitors and 60 saved during the service. We celebrated with cake and ice cream. During December and January, the temperature reached just over 100°F almost every day. I suffer a lot because of the heat. Pastor Owens announced to the church congregation on the first of December that we needed to install five large air conditioners in the church auditorium to cool the building down. We took up offering for two weeks and prayed. To our surprise and joy, a church member who works with installation of air conditioners offered to help install units. He found four used units, and, praise the Lord, we installed them in time for our Anniversary Sunday. This was exciting!

On the 9th and 10th of December, the city police force went on strike, demanding higher wages. Riots and looting broke out all over the city. Super-markets, grocery stores, and houses were broken into. Bands of robbers were running all over the city stealing all they could carry. It was reported that 80 supermarkets had partial or total loss of their stock on the shelves. One Walmart was hit and completely destroyed. Since there were no police present, everybody stayed home and stood in front of their house to stand guard against the looters. There was lot of shooting in the streets. It was reported that eleven individuals died during the riots. After two days on strike, the government was forced to give the police officers a 34% pay raise so they could go back on the streets and do their jobs. We praise the Lord for the police force and all the hard work that they do.

There is a lot of work ahead of us to reach this city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for Argentina. Please pray for our safely as we work on the streets with the people.

We praise the Lord for you our prayer warriors and supporters. Thank you for your support. Keep up the good work that you are doing!

At your service,

Brian Roy George and Family