Brian George Prayer Letter: Blessings in the LockdownWe are completely locked down here in Tucumán, Argentina. Everyone is forced to stay home. I was just able to get official permission from the government to visit our people. Praise the Lord! Church services have been canceled until sometime in May. We are doing our services live via Facebook. I’m seriously concerned about our people here. Many work on the streets and live from day to day. They are forced to stay home with no income—meaning no food! Pray for them! I know of dear families that do not have food. My heart goes out to them. We will give all we can of what we have to help them. We are planning to ask our people for donations of food for the needy. Please pray with me concerning this need. We all have needs. My desire is to give and leave the rest to God (Proverbs 28:27)!

I just looked at an abandoned church building outside the city here. This building has an auditorium that will seat 150, along with a small, one-bedroom house. It’s for sale for US$10,000. We hope to start a church here in the near future. Please pray.

Praise the Lord! My son Benjamin just got engaged to Berenice Contreras, a young lady from our church. He is currently raising support so they can join our team of church planters here in Argentina! Could you pray and consider them for support? Our prayer is that you will partner with Benjamin and Berenice to reach Argentina for Christ! I’m super excited for him. Praise the Lord!

My father-in-law, Clayton Livengood, has been on the mission field for 38 years. He is still working in the ministry in Spain and just found out that his wife Paola has cancer in her jaw. Could you pray for them? They have some medical needs, and we are earnestly praying for them!

We just started a WhatsApp group called “Classical Sermons in Spanish.” These are powerful sermons preached in the past that have stirred up the fires of revival in the Spanish world. So far, we have 118 pastors and individuals signed up as part of the group requesting the sermons. We are sending one sermon a day to the members—sermons from Dr. Ezequiel Salazar, Dr. Elmer Fernández, Dr. Danny Ortiz, and others. It has been a great success, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from the members. Praise the Lord!

I just visited many families and passed out bags of groceries. I was able to win a lady named Maria to Christ. Praise the Lord!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family