Brian George Prayer Letter:  Bible CollegeJust a few years back, I was going soul winning door to door and won Aldo and Susana to Christ. This couple started to come to church faithfully and bring some of their relatives with them. Aldo had a serious drinking problem! He would drink for one month straight, drinking until he landed in the hospital or some government rehabilitation center. He had a problem with drinking for years. I started working with him. His wife wanted to leave him because of his drinking problem. I begged Susana not to leave him. Just recently, he made a vow to drink until he died. After he drank for three weeks, I went by to help him. I begged him to dump the drink on the ground and put a stop to this vow. I found out where he was buying the drink and begged the business owner to stop selling him drink. I also searched his humble wood shack for the drinks to dump them out. Praise the Lord! He was able to get victory. He is faithful in church every Sunday and growing in the Lord. He was able to use his money to build himself a house out of bricks and cement. Praise the Lord for this victory!

We had a missionary get-together for Thanksgiving—Pastor Owens, Joshua and Abi, and the Hudsons! We had a great time together! These times we spend together are so much fun! We had chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, brownies, and ice cream. The fellowship was great!

On November 29, we had our last day of Bible college at the church. We started the year with 38 students in March and finished with 31 students. We have a great group of students who are studying for four years before they go out and start new churches or work in other areas of the ministry. Our Bible college is vital to reaching Argentina for Christ. My goal is to have 120 students and be able to start 10 new churches per year. We keep on pressing on to reach our goal to start 100 new churches—in spite of all the odds against us. This is possible!! Please pray for our Bible college. We start a new year on March 4, 2020. We will be promoting and recruiting new students in the next couple of months. Most of our students are from our local church. We have graduates in Paraguay, Bolivia, the United States, Ecuador, and scattered throughout Argentina. Our Bible college has many needs, but we keep going forward by faith!! Here is a recent picture of the students.

We just started a new ministry to reach more souls here in the city. There is a ladies’ jail here that has up to 40 inmates. A few key ladies here at our church go on a weekly basis to teach and disciple these ladies in the jail. This is one more arm of the church to reach many more with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray!

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are very grateful for your love and support!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George