Brian George Prayer Letter: 25th Wedding AnniversaryWe started the month of September with a big event. It was our 25th Wedding Anniversary! We were married on the 4th of September back in 1992 at Marion Avenue Baptist Church. I praise the Lord for my wife! She is still pretty and a lot of fun. She has been a true helpmeet throughout the years. She has been a very good and loving mother to our three boys and two daughters. We took the entire week off for our anniversary and went to a local resort center to rest and spend time together. Praise the Lord for a faithful wife!
During September and October, I was very active in our Bible college, teaching, working with our students, and spending a lot of time preparing and promoting our national pastors’ conference, November 12-16.

During the second week of September, my dad Russell, who is in Silva, Missouri, was very sick and in critical condition with sepsis. He was in a coma for four days. We spent a lot of time praying. My brothers—Kevin, Darrell, and Calvin—were able to go and be with my dad. Praise the Lord for answered prayer! My dad had a slow recovery but is now back to normal. My mother Margaret is having a lot of health complications and is struggling with dementia. Please pray for her.

During the third week of October, Missionary Adrian Ferrari came to Tucuman for a visit to teach in our Bible college. When he arrived on Monday, my wife and I took him downtown to visit some tourist spots. We were able to meet Sara Figueroa, the most famous and champion empanada (“pot pie”) maker of Argentina. Missionary Adrian Ferrari witnessed to her and went through the plan of salvation. She was hungry and listened to every word. Her atheist son gave us all kinds of trouble, interrupted us every little bit, and wanted to debate with us. We were able to convince her son to be quiet for a while, so we were able to finish giving her the plan of salvation. She prayed and asked Jesus to save her. She was 83 years old. We were very excited! We tried to get her to church, but she had suffered a fall and was in a lot of pain! We were able to see many souls saved out soul winning in the last few weeks. The people are hungry for the Gospel!

Thank you for your love and support!

For souls,

Brian R. George and Family