Brian and Liz Hebert Prayer Letter: Spring Praises and Prayer RequestsWe’ve officially completed our 2021/2022 Teen IMPACT season! The teenagers did a fantastic job of working to win the competition, and hopefully, they’ve grown a bit more through the process. They memorized hundreds of Bible verses collectively, gave out several Gospels of John, and read multiple booklets and articles pertaining to the topics of Giving Biblical Answers to Current Events and Developing the Heart of a Missionary. Please pray with me that they will add these things to their faith.

At the beginning of April, our church kicked off the restart of our annual Soul-Winning and Faithfulness Rally, where the church officially restarts our church-wide, door-to-door evangelism campaign. Speakers are invited to challenge us to be faithful soul winners. This year, Pastor Phil Powless and Pastor LeRoy Pennell were our speakers. Many of the GLBC church members attend, along with other churches in the region who want to be challenged as soul winners as well, and after some messages and a lunch, we all flood the Richmond Hill area with Gospel tracts and church invitations, looking to be a witness. Two souls were saved that day, one of which was led to the Lord by my wife’s soul-winning partner; the other was a young lady named Logan, whom I was able to lead to Christ on the street. What a refreshing thing it is to be able to speak with people when they’re not as afraid of COVID like they used to be!

With the change of weather, we’ve been able to be out more and more for much longer periods of time. Much seed has been sown lately. Please pray for souls to be saved and hearts to be open to hearing the message of salvation. One of my more notable meetings out soul winning was Berk, a teenager from Turkey. He has a loose Muslim background, but he was very open to talking about Christianity. He had many questions, more in fact than I could answer in one encounter. I was able to go back with one of our young men one night and witness to him fully, and he was all ears. He has not yet been saved; please pray for his salvation. Pray for Cari, an Iranian man I met out soul winning, who came to visit the church with his niece and her daughter on Filipino Sunday. Pray for Yazdan, an Iranian teenager, whom I also met out soul winning. We had a good, albeit brief, conversation about the transforming power of Jesus. Pray for a Catholic Chinese man named William (the Chinese immigrants usually adopt an easier to pronounce English name), with whom I had a lengthy witnessing opportunity about salvation by grace through faith. What a mission field we have here in Toronto!

Our teens, another youth worker, and I practiced hard for a few months for the Easter program, God’s Holy Lamb; and it was, I think, a great success. The teenagers did a great job, and the Gospel was presented clearly. It was a pleasure working with them.

Prayer Requests

1) Open hearts of those witnessed to recently
2) Approval of our extension to stay in Canada
3) Personal growth and wisdom for the future

For the cause of Christ,

Brian Hebert