Brian and Liesl George Prayer Letter: Our National ConferenceDecember 2-5, we had our national conference for our church. This year we emphasized “Revival.” We started our conference with an all-night prayer meeting. We started praying at 11:00 p.m. and prayed until 6:00 a.m. We started the night out with 53 in attendance and finished at 6:00 a.m. with 29 present. During the night, we had different men preach short messages. We prayed for revival and drank some tea or coffee. The picture on the right is of the ones who stayed with me until the end. Praise the Lord! On the last night of the conference, 51 individuals surrendered to serve the Lord full-time. Praise the Lord!

Our son Ezequiel has been going to our Bible college at the church for the last five years, and he graduated this year. We are very proud of him and excited that he wants to serve the Lord full-time as an evangelist. He wants to go out to help churches, do a lot of soul winning, and preach evangelistic messages. He plans to go full-time. He is raising support for his ministry so he can dedicate all his time to evangelism. He will not be going to the USA to raise support. He wants to go ahead and start his ministry now and believe by faith that the funds will come in so he can continue his ministry. Please pray for Ezequiel!

We continue to pass out thousands of Gospel tracts everywhere we go. Just this past Monday, a group from the church joined me, and we passed out 7,000 tracts on the downtown square. We are seeing many responses from the tracts. Pepe, a brand-new Christian, picked up a stack of tracts at the church. He got on a public bus and passed out a tract to everybody on the bus. He received a cold reception from the people on the bus, and some people chewed him out for passing them out. He was discouraged and decided not to pass out anymore, but later that day, he went to a hospital and passed out the rest of the tracts that he had. He received praise and a good reception at the hospital, and we got encouraged. He went back to church, asking for more stacks of tracts. Another individual called me saying that he got saved after receiving a Gospel tract. I invited him to church, and he showed up as a first-time visitor that night.

We visited a humble neighborhood of simple homes, where there is a lot of drinking and a lot of drug addiction! We first visited with Cesar and Hugo and their mother. I spent an hour at their home going over the plan of salvation! They all made a decision for Christ. Then we visited Rosa, a 70-year-old lady who had just come home from the hospital after being in a coma for two weeks and was slowly getting her strength back, and we led her to Christ. Then we visited a family that had lost their son a week before. Their son was only 21 years old, but he was into a lot of addictions. I witnessed to the entire family. I tried my best to encourage them and talk to them about God’s love. After that family, we visited Juanita, an ex-Jehovah’s Witness. I was able to lead her to Christ and get her transportation to come to church Sunday. We also visited two other families. We were out for 3½ hours and had 7 saved. Praise the Lord!

We would like to thank you for your love and support. May God bless you richly!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George