Brian and Liesl George Prayer Letter: College Graduate Building a Church in BoliviaPraise the Lord! The COVID restrictions in Argentina have been lifted! Our church is wide open and growing, with a lot of new families. You are welcome to come to Argentina for a visit!

Just one month back, a dear missionary and friend and his wife, Simeon and Susie Hudson, had to leave Argentina for health reasons. The Hudsons were a tremendous help to us in starting new churches here in Northern Argentina. Bro. Hudson was a great soul winner and a friend to all of our national pastors. Bro. Hudson worked at a Goodyear tire factory for over 30 years and then retired and came to Argentina to start churches. He has been active here for the last 7 years. We greatly appreciate his hard work and love for the people of Argentina. We will miss him greatly!

We are working on starting a new church in Tarija, Bolivia. One of the graduates from our Bible college moved with his wife up to Tarija to start a church almost five years back. Pastor Nicolas Sola Choque has been renting a building and starting this new church with a lot of success, and he is working with many new families that he has led to Christ. His church needs to purchase a property in order to build a building and go forward by faith. Just this past week, Pastor Choque found a property that is ideal and a perfect fit for his church family! It is close to where he lives and to where his people live in a new subdivision of the city. I’m excited for him and praying that God will provide this need. The property cost is US$10,000 if he pays cash up front. If he makes payments, he will have to make a down payment of US$3,000 and make 36 monthly payments of US$250. Please pray for this need. Let me include a few pictures! Thank you for your prayers! God is good all the time!

We are planning a furlough back to the USA. It has been five years since our last furlough! It was not in our plans to go back to the USA this year, but because some restrictions to travel have been lifted, we have decided to travel. We greatly appreciate your prayers and faithful support. We have not set a date for our return, but hopefully in the next couple of months, we will travel. Some of our needs as far as going back to the USA would be the purchase of our tickets, the purchase of a minivan for travel, the renting of a house in the Washington, Iowa, area, and the need for appliances for this furlough period. Thank you for your prayers!

Here is a report from this past Sunday, May 8! We continue to go forward by faith! No regrets! We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, snatching them from the burning lake of fire! We are active in soul winning and visiting the people of the church. I preached this past Sunday on the power of the Gospel! Eight responded to the invitation to get saved. One neighbor, who lives two blocks from the church, came for the first time. He wanted to commit suicide, but he came to church and got saved the night of the 8th! Praise the Lord! There is power in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family