Brendan and Karin Morgan Prayer Letter: Coast to CoastThank you so much for your prayers and support for our ministry! I am grateful to everyone we have met who has encouraged us along our journey. We feel truly blessed to be an extension of many different churches across this country.

A lot has happened since our last update. We have been all over the USA. After being in Indiana for a week, where we are currently based, we went to Northern Michigan. On Sunday, May 22, we spent a wonderful Sunday with the people of Bible Baptist Church of Central Lake, Michigan. Pastor Russell Tharp and his family were such gracious hosts to our family. From there, we traveled back to our home in Southern Indiana. Before we got there, however, my son Callan and I got dropped off at the Indianapolis International Airport, where we flew to Sacramento, California, the following morning. I sat next to a young man on the flight with whom I got to explain what we were doing. He had told me he was involved with the Catholic church and loved the idea of missions. He asked me, “What is the difference between Catholics and Baptists?” I happened to have a tract in my pocket that specifically focused on how good works cannot save us. What an excellent opportunity God gave me to witness to this young man! He was not quite ready to trust Christ, but I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work on his heart.

Callan and I spent several days with our family in California while I picked up our motor home, which had been in the repair shop since last November. I then spent the rest of the week getting all of our belongings out and cleaning it to get it ready to sell. It was also a refreshing time to be at home with family and friends and to spend a service at our home church. At the end of the week, we rented a vehicle, packed up most of our belongings from the motor home, and drove off to Montana.

On May 29, we were in two churches. In the morning, we had a wonderful time with Old Fashioned Baptist Church in Butte, Montana. Pastor Derek Loewen and his family were so sweet, and we wish we would have had more time to spend with them. Then in the evening, we went to Florence Baptist Church for another great meeting. Pastor Tim Johnson is the cousin of my pastor’s wife (Mrs. Jeanne Nichols) and the son-in-law of my former pastor, Gary Randall of Elmwood Baptist Church in Brighton, Colorado. Such a small world! We then spent the following two days at one of our supporting churches, Lighthouse Baptist Church in Missoula, for a Memorial Day Preaching Conference. We enjoyed an excellent time of preaching and fellowship with many great people, including my longtime pastor, Stephen Ray Nichols. Finally, we spent that Wednesday in Great Falls, Montana, at Fairview Baptist Church, where many of my friends have grown up over the years. We are so thankful to Pastor and Mrs. Mix for their kindness and for allowing us to come and present our burden for Japan! We had a wonderful time in Montana (again)!

We then drove back home to Indiana to unload our stuff, turn around, and leave the next day! This time we were all back together as a family. We were part of a wonderful Missions Conference at Wait’s Missionary Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Ohio. Pastor and Mrs. Saxton were such a joy to be around. We met some other great missionaries and heard some very challenging preaching. The people were so kind and just had such a great spirit.

As you are reading this, we should be in Connecticut. We will be here for around a week and then go up and down the East Coast. This past month has had a lot of travel but also many joys and blessings. We praise the Lord that we heard back from other churches and are now at 66% of our needed support. Please pray that we will continue to hear back from others with whom the Lord would have us partner. Also, please pray that we can sell our motor home to the right person. May God bless you all as you labor for Him!

For His glory,

Brendan Morgan