Brandon Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: What an Incredible Month!What an incredible month the Lord blessed us with in May. He kept us safe as we traveled many miles during the month and had many great meetings week by week. Our home church and pastor were a blessing to us as well, and we saw the Lord work and move in the hearts of the lost as they came to trust Him as their own personal Saviour. All and all, God is always good.

We began the month at First Baptist Church of Onaway, Michigan, where we had a great weekend of fellowship and time in the Word of God. From there we drove through the night to make it for a Missions Conference at Agape Baptist Church in Stockton, Missouri. When we finally arrived, we were looking for your standard-looking church building but found ourselves at the most unique and incredible place we have ever experienced. Our kids had a lot of fun, as there was just about any animal you could imagine on their ranch. We had a wonderful time at their conference and were honored to meet the other missionaries and hear how God has used them through the years.

During the month, we also had meetings at two other churches in Michigan and Iowa. In Iowa, Pastor Tatman and I had a full day on Saturday, as we went out soul winning and bus calling. We had many good visits and some laughs as we went out.

Our home church also blessed us with a missionary dinner, where we were able to sit down with our senior pastor and our assistant pastor and the other home missionaries from our church. We were able to share personal needs with each other and have prayer together, and then they spoiled us with gifts. Thank you to our home church for all that you do.

Lastly, we want to share with you two testimonies from the month, showing how God used us to lead some souls unto Him and how God saved these two precious people. The first was at the end of the month. We were able to help and teach a Junior Church class. During the invitation time at the end of class, a young girl named Ali raised her hand in need for salvation, and my wife Ali was able to go to another room to sit down with her and show her how she could be saved. Praise the Lord! God used Ali to lead Ali unto Him, and now we can rejoice that this young girl has placed her trust in Jesus Christ.

The second testimony we have really is a reminder to us that God is always in control and will use any situation we are in to save souls. We were asked to fill the pulpit for a pastor on Mother’s Day. As we headed to the church, about five minutes before we arrived, our truck started losing power. We made it to the church and figured we would worry about the problem after church. When we were done with all of the morning services and went to leave, the truck seemed fine, but when we got about 20 minutes down the road, the truck did it again. As we pulled into a parking lot and shut the truck off, it would not turn back on. Now it’s Mother’s Day and a Sunday, and we’re over two hours away from home. Thankfully, we have AAA from my parents and were able to have the truck towed home for free. However, I had to get an Uber ride home, as we could not all fit in the tow truck.

On the way home, I was able to witness to Karam, the Uber driver, and was able to give him the assurance of his salvation. When the tow-truck man arrived at our home, I was able to thank him and ask him if he were to die this very moment, would he be 100% sure that Heaven would be his home. He looked right at me and sincerely said, “No, I’m not sure.” I asked him if I could have a few minutes of his time to show him how he could know for sure according to God’s Word. He pulled the tow truck off the road and into the driveway and gave me some time to go through the Gospel with him. Right there in our driveway, Steve, the tow-truck driver, came to receive Christ as his own personal Saviour. God took what seemed like an awful day and turned it into a glorious day. One soul received assurance, and another came to know Christ as His Saviour and now has a home in Heaven.

We praise the Lord for the month we have had and the mighty way we have seen Him move.

Your co-labourers for lost souls across East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah, & Esther Heselschwerdt
Romans 10:14