Brandon Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter:  Taking That Next Leap of Faith!God has been good this month, as we found ourselves mostly in our home state of Michigan for our meetings. We also had the opportunity to serve alongside and share the need of the Gospel for Kenya, East Africa, with a church in Indiana, as well as one in Wisconsin this month. We praise God for the full schedule and for the many opportunities we have had to share our ministry to East Africa. Thank you to all of you who pray for us as we travel and long for more partnerships to get to Kenya and see souls come to Christ.

This month I was able to attend soul winning one Saturday with Hope Bible Baptist Church of Maple Rapids, Michigan. David (the pastor’s son) and I knocked on every door in an entire town! Now to be fair, it was a little town; but, praise God, we knocked on every door, Amen! We had some good fellowship while door knocking, but we found no one, it seemed, who was open to the truth of God’s Word. Thankfully, when we were just about done door knocking, we had a group of young kids on their bikes stop to talk with us, and David and I were able to share the Gospel with two of the young boys. David was able to lead one young boy named Ryan to the Lord. Just after that, we knocked on the last few doors we had left in town. David was able to go through the Scriptures with another teenage boy named Seffen; and he, too, came to trust Christ as his Saviour. Praise the Lord for these two young boys coming to know Christ Jesus as their own personal Saviour!

One of the hardest things for me this month was going to preach my last jail service for my local county. With our travels and schedule, I am no longer able to keep up with preaching in the Michigan jails and prisons. It truly was a sad time for me, knowing it would be my last jail service. I only had three men who were able to come down for the service; but, praise the Lord, I was able to challenge two of the men one last time to be a shining light for Jesus Christ to the other men in the jail, which was their mission field for God. One of the men was not saved and raised his hand, admitting that he needed salvation. Praise God! I was able to go through the Gospel with him, and he came to place his trust in Jesus Christ!

Lastly, toward the end of this month, I had to stop somewhere on the way home to pick up some dinner for my family and me. I stopped in at a Subway near where we were staying, and as I was ordering, I noticed there was no one else in the store. It was just the young lady (Gloriana) making our food, so I began to pray, “Lord, please keep the door open for me to witness to her.” When she was all done taking my order, I simply handed her a Gospel tract and asked her if she went to church anywhere. She replied with “No,” so I then asked her if she knew she was on her way to Heaven if she died. She again could only answer that she did not know. I then said, “Since no one else is in the store, can I take a few minutes and show you from the Bible how you can know for sure you are on your way to Heaven?” While we were both standing there, she allowed me to go through the Gospel with her, and then I was able to pray with her as she received Christ into her heart and life as her personal Saviour! Praise God for Gloriana coming to know Christ!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Please pray for us as we take the leap of faith this next month to go into full-time deputation and head to the West Coast for almost the next three months. Thank you and God bless!

Your co-labourers for lost souls in East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah, & Esther Heselschwerdt
Romans 10:14