Brandon Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: He Keeps Working in Our LivesThis month we found ourselves in meetings mostly in Central and Northern California, as we finished up meetings there before heading back to Michigan for the next month and a half. We also had a meeting in Montana, as well as a Missions Conference in Iowa, and then closed out the month in Oregon. It felt as if most of our time was spent in the car this month, but God blessed. He keeps working through our lives in the lives of others, which makes it all worth it.

At the beginning of the month, we made our way from Southern to Central California. The first night there while getting a few things in town, we had a minor break on the truck and had to use a tow truck. God used this opportunity for me to share the Gospel with the gentleman towing our truck. I was able to share the Gospel with him; but, unfortunately, he did not want to make a decision at that moment. Please pray that he will come to place his trust and faith in Christ alone. Also, while in Montana, Pastor Kyle and I had the opportunity to witness to two women while out door knocking. They both listened to the Gospel as well but were not ready to make a decision. Please be in prayer as Pastor Kyle follows up with these two women; pray that they, too, would call upon the Lord as their Saviour.

While in Central California, my family and I went out to invite people to a carnival that the church was having in November, as well as share the Gospel with them. About three apartment doors into inviting people, we came into contact with Cali. When we asked her if we could show her from God’s Word how she could be saved, she was very open; and, praise the Lord, after going through the Scriptures with her, she prayed and asked the Lord Jesus Christ into her heart and life. Praise the Lord!

Toward the end of this month, we had an open Sunday still left, and we were able to be a part of a Missions Conference last minute in Bloomfield, Iowa. God used this time for us not only to be a blessing to the brethren at the church, but also used some veteran missionaries to really encourage us and rekindle some of the fire within us. All in all, it was a wonderful time of fellowship and time in the Word of God.

Lastly, at the end of the month, God used us to give a young man named Joshua the assurance of his salvation and invite him out to church. Pray that this young man will get back into church and grow in the Lord. Also, while in Eugene, Oregon, while doing some laundry, God gave me the opportunity to witness to a man named Rick who was working there. We were all packed up to leave, and before we left, I went over to invite him to church as well as ask him if he knew if he was on his way to Heaven. After admitting he was not 100% sure, I was then able to go through the plan of salvation with him. With tears in his eyes, we prayed together as he placed his complete trust in Jesus Christ. God is so good. Please pray with us that Rick will begin to attend church and grow in Christ.
Thank you to all of you for your faithful support and prayers. We now are at 18% of our needed support. Pray with us that many of the meetings we have had over the past few months would begin to partner with us to reach the countless lost souls across East Africa. Thank you again, and God bless you all.

Your Co-labourers for lost souls in East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah, & Esther Heselschwerdt
Romans 10:14