Brandon Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter:  An Entire Month in MichiganThe month of October found us back home in Michigan for the entire month for Missions Conferences and meetings. It was good to see many familiar faces that we have not seen in about three months, as well as some new ones. October also brought Jeffrey and Esther’s birthdays, and we cannot say Asante (“Thank you”) enough for all the birthday wishes and presents that were given to our children.

We kicked off the month at Battle Creek Baptist Temple with Pastor Dye, as they were ending their Missions-Emphasis Month. We were blessed to serve with them in their Bus Ministry, as well as share our calling during the Sunday school hour and preach during their evening service. When we went to dismiss from the morning service, Pastor Mark and his wife Amber had an eavestrough full of ice cream laid out on tables. I may or may not have eaten some myself! On Saturday while out door knocking, God blessed me with the opportunity to witness to a young woman named Kentrese. After going through the plan of salvation with her, she said, with tears in her eyes, that she had heard the Bible before, but no one had ever showed it to her clearly. Praise the Lord that she then called upon Christ as her Saviour and received Him into her heart!

We left Battle Creek and headed straight to Loomis Park Baptist Church to be a part of a Pastors’ Conference. We were able to see close friends and family and talk to a couple of pastors about our ministry. Thank you, Pastor Rich, for having us in for the conference and for your heart for missions.

The next meeting was with Faith Baptist Church in Warren. Pastor Berlin was my wife’s youth pastor growing up, and it was nice to finally meet him and his family. While at their Missions Conference, the men of the church had a widows’ and single ladies’ ministry going on that Saturday, and I was able to help. The men had each one of the women bring their vehicle to the church, where they would vacuum, wash, change the oil, and check all the fluid levels of each lady’s car. While the men of the church were busy working away, the women enjoyed a devotional and some fellowship with Pastor Berlin’s wife. Some of the joys of deputation are learning new and creative ministries like this along the way. What a great ministry! We were also blessed to be used throughout Sunday in a few different ministries, as well as share our burden for East Africa.

While getting caught up on some laundry, the Lord opened the door for me to share the Gospel with a teenager named Ray. After going through the Bible with him a few times, I asked him if he wanted to make a decision. Ray said that there was nothing stopping him from making a decision to trust in Christ alone, but there was nothing pressing him to come to Christ either. After talking with him for several more minutes, he had to leave for the night and said that he would most likely be at church that night to hear more. Ray never showed up for church. Please pray with me that Ray’s eyes would be opened and that he would come to the Saviour.

This month, we also had a wonderful time with Bible Baptist Church in Charlevoix, Michigan, at their Missions Revival. We started off the week together with a teen conference, where I had the opportunity to share my testimony with the teens, as well as preach to them. Pray that many of these teens will choose to follow Christ and not the things of this world. We had a great time preaching God’s Word, and we
were able to help out Pastor Green with a few projects around the church. On one project, Bro. Montana Morrow and I were hanging from the roof of a barn and throwing down lumber to be removed—the ministry is awesome!

We also had the privilege of being with Rogers City Baptist Church and Wolverine Baptist Church this month to present and preach. Thank you for having us in and allowing us to share East Africa.

Lastly, we ended the month at Harvest Baptist Church in Grass Lake, Michigan, with Pastor Kelly Daniel at their Chili Cook-Off. Ali and I had the honor to be the judges of the Chili Cook-Off—yummy chili and good fellowship.

Finally, we just want to say “Thank you” to Battle Creek Baptist Temple and Berean Bible Baptist Church for partnering with us this month to reach the lost in East Africa. Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support, and God bless you.

Your co-laborers for lost souls across East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah, & Esther Heselschwerdt
Romans 10:14