Brandon and Ali Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: Settling in to Life as Missionaries to KenyaThe month of March has done just that—Marched right on into April. It has been that busy and fast of a month as far as ministry and our family’s settling in to a life and routine here in Kenya!

When I arrived back home to Nairobi from my trip upcountry with Missionary Peter Morris, I was only home for six days. Then I was right back in a van (Matatu), heading back upcountry, but this time to Kilgoris, Kenya, and with a medical missionary team I had never met before this trip. Praise the Lord, it was a very productive trip, not just in ministry but also personally for me as I learn all that I can as a new missionary here in Kenya.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with the Waller family and six other members who are part of Truth for Today Medical Missions, as well as Missionary Robert Mickey and his church, Grace Baptist Church of Nakuru, Kenya. We spent eight days in the Kilgoris area working with four different national pastors from that area. Each day we were able to see over 100 patients come through the medical clinic. My part was small in the whole process of things, but I was very thankful to have just a small part in it all by taking basic vital signs and sometimes doing an ultrasound or an EKG. The biggest blessing, though, came from just seeing the men from Brother Mickey’s church do one-on-one soul winning with each person who came through the clinics. Their church had about 30 men altogether who sat for about 8 hours each day, sharing the Gospel with each person! It truly was an amazing thing to see each and every day. Most of these people would not normally come to church in order for them to hear the Gospel, so we were able to get them to come by helping them medically or physically. In the end, the most important thing was to help them spiritually! I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to be a part of these two ministries this month. At the end of 6 days, we were able to see 688 souls come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Amen! Hallelujah! To God be the Glory!

After a long, tiresome, but blessed six days of clinics, Bro. Mickey helped me arrange a bus ride back to Nairobi, and I was able to get home late Saturday night. The following day, we were in church, helping out our team member, Missionary Andy Richey; and then on Monday, we jumped right into our first day of language school! By April, we were tired, and our heads felt like they were going to pop from all the information in language school. All in all, though, we see the hand of God in everything as we continue to learn Kiswahili! We want to say thank you to all of you back home for praying for our family as we continue with language school and as our family helps the Richey family with the start of their church!

Lastly, even though I’m running out of space in our prayer letter, I want to share one last praise from this month. My grandmother, Mary Mosko, was not doing well and ended up in the hospital due to health reasons. My mother called me, and I called the assistant pastor from our home church to see if he could visit her in the hospital. As soon as the morning services were over on Sunday, March 20, he went to see her. They talked for a few minutes, and after a moment of silence, she looked at him and said, “So?” Pastor Gould explained to her why he was there. At first, she tried to brush it off, but after he shared with her the true hope we have in Jesus Christ and how He gives us full assurance through Him, she began to weep and said to Pastor Gould, “I need that!” He told her that Jesus wanted her to have that peace and assurance. Right there on March 20, 2022, she cried out to Christ to be her personal Saviour and received Him into her heart, Amen! God is good!

Your co-laborers for lost souls across East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah, & Esther Heselschwerdt
Romans 10:14