Brandon and Ali Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: Medical Missions Trip to Kumasi, GhanaTo say that October was a fast and busy month would be an understatement. God truly is building in many ways, in many areas, and in many lives here in East Africa! Our faithful believers in Acacia have now completed their discipleship courses, and we now have begun a 12-week soul-winning class. One Sunday, I decided to ask them a few questions at the end of class to see how much they were really getting out of the teachings. I was so encouraged to hear that a few of them had already been using what they had learned to try to lead others to Christ. I was also encouraged by another member when I stopped by their home and saw that they were studying through their lessons and notes on their own time! These seem like little things, but on the mission field and in our little ministry, these are huge victories!

PPTA week went well with our group of about twelve pastors! They are also beginning to teach some of the lessons themselves to each other and have become more fervent in their soul winning throughout the week.

Discipleship on Tuesdays with Fredrick and Lewis is going well. Fredrick just finished his discipleship classes and will begin soul-winning lessons next month! Lewis should finish up his lessons on The ABCs of My Christian Faith by the end of November.

Toward the end of the month, I had the privilege to travel back to Ghana to join Truth for Today Medical Missions and Team Ghana for their weeklong medical clinics around the Kumasi area. Praise to the Lord, we were able to help 6 different national pastors and their churches in this area, and by the end of the week, we were able to see just over 1,000 souls make decisions for Jesus Christ! Please pray for our family, as Dr. & Mrs. Waller will be coming to Kenya in November to survey, possibly doing a medical missions trip with our team and the national pastors we work with.

Lastly, please prayerfully consider partnering with us in our Back-to School Friend Day service we will be having the first Sunday in January. If we can raise enough funds, then during this service we will be providing some of the children from our local school with a new backpack full of school supplies and a pair of shoes and socks. We only need $33.00 for each child to receive their own backpack, supplies, shoes, and socks. If you would like to give toward this outreach ministry, you can give through FBMI and mark your gift “Back to School.” Please know that every child who comes to this service will have a chance to hear the Gospel and the chance to make a decision for Jesus Christ!

Your co-laborers for lost souls across East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah, and Esther
Romans 10:14


Brandon and Ali Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: Medical Missions Trip to Kumasi, GhanaI am Fredrick Luvai Marondo, a young and devoted Christian. I am married to Mrs. Damaris Wayua, and we have been blessed with four children—two boys and two girls. Before I met Mr. Brandon, a missionary who is here in Kenya and currently living in Kitengela, I thought that when someone was saved, they go to church every Sunday and are also baptized, but that was not the case. Mr. Brandon has taken me through different lessons in the discipleship series that have enlightened me, and now I understand well who is a Christian and who is a disciple.

He has taken me through (1) Understanding Salvation, (2) The Purpose of Works, (3) Baptism, (4) Soul Winning, (5) Giving, (6) The Spirit vs The Flesh, (7) Discipleship, (8) The Church, (9) The Bible, (10) Understanding Prayer, (11) Satan, Our Enemy, and (12) Establishing Biblical Standards. All this was done in two different levels.

From the time I started these lessons, they have really helped me, in that I’m able to teach my friends about salvation. I have been able to go soul winning, and more of my friends have joined the church. I’m a different person. I’m grateful to Mr. Brandon and his family for always being there for me on this journey of discipleship.

I am the light to my family and my village through Mr. Brandon. I am looking forward to growing in Christianity from one glory to another glory.

May God bless you and your family, Brandon.

Your student,

Fredrick Marondo