Bob Bowen Prayer Letter:  Many Miles Traveled“And the gospel must first be published among all nations.” (Mark 13:10)

In February I had meetings in Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oregon, traveling nearly 7,000 miles in a short month. I started the month in Rome, Georgia, preaching for one of my former students, a faithful man of God, Pastor Frank Terpening. A short distance from there in Calhoun, Georgia, I preached in chapel at Philadelphia Christian School by invitation of Pastor Tim McCulley. They are a great group of young people who support our ministry and are concerned about publishing the Word of God.

Jackie and I spent a couple of days visiting her mother to celebrate her 99th birthday. We thank the Lord that she is still able to be in her own home. On Sunday I was asked by Pastor Stevens to preach that evening at Philadelphia Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Missouri. It was a special blessing for me to preach at the church where I got saved 48 years ago at the age of 18.

From there we drove to Gulfport, Mississippi, and stayed at the prophet’s chamber at the BEAMS Warehouse while we attended several meetings in that area. I was privileged to present our ministry at the annual missions conference at Red Creek Baptist Church in Wiggins, Mississippi. Pastor Scotty Rayburn is truly my friend and has a heart for publishing the Word of God around the world.

On Sunday afternoon we drove 2½ hours to Livingston, Louisiana, where I preached for Pastor Rusty Silvertooth. Brother Rusty has a wonderful church, and his youth choir is second to none! Both of these churches are located in the middle of nowhere, but they are full and getting the job done in their areas.

We attended the BEAMS National Conference at Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport. Dr. Freret flew from Pennsylvania to conduct the conference. His dear wife is undergoing treatment for breast cancer in Philadelphia, but Pastor Carr’s church was able to connect her via Skype to greet the delegates. That was truly a blessing. Please pray for this wonderful Christian lady.

At the BEAMS Conference, I was asked to give a report on the container of Bibles that were delivered in India on December 23. What a blessing it is to supply God’s Word to those throughout Southeast Asia who would never be able to own a Bible otherwise!

BEAMS ships 10,000 whole Bibles per month to 140 nations of the world and to over 3,000 missionaries. I’m praying for God to allow me to ship two more containers of Scripture this year.

I flew to Oregon to preach for my good friend, Dr. Mike Mutchler, pastor of Grandview Baptist Church in Beavercreek. Dr. Mutchler has established an amazing church over the past 30 years that supports 140 missionaries, plus 40 national pastors and many mission projects. I’ve had the privilege to know Dr. Mutchler for 33 years. He has been a wonderful friend to me and a friend to missions and fundamental Baptist churches.

I purchased my tickets to return to Thailand and Southeast Asia for six weeks in May/June 2015. The last two weeks of May, I will be in Northeast India, preaching a missions conference and three different Bible college graduation services. In June I will be in Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia, preaching several different conferences. I will start new Bible institutes, using the Teaching All Nations material, and will follow up on those which have already been started.

We are very thankful for the folks who continue to support the publishing of the Word of God among all nations. You will never regret supplying the cost for shipping and distribution of the Word of God to those who have never seen a Bible. The greatest “thank you” you will receive will be in Heaven by those who were given God’s Word by folks like you. The greatest investment a believer can make is helping those who need to increase their faith.

Please pray that God will supply meetings to fill my schedule in 2015. We love you and thank God for your faithfulness to the Lord.

Into all the world,

Bob Bowen
Philippians 4:13