Bob Bowen Prayer Letter: Every Believer in Every NationI turned 69 on February 18, and it is really starting to show in my endurance. Just think; I am less than 365 days away from my “three score and ten.”

The National BEAMS Conference in Gulfport, Mississippi, was one of the most Spirit-filled meetings I have attended in a long time. The preaching, the music, and the fellowship were tremendous. The 150 pastors attending had one common goal: they wanted to make sure that every believer in every nation has a copy of the Word of God.

Dr. Rene Freret gave the report (after 20 years of his leadership) that BEAMS has provided 1.5 million whole Bibles in 48 languages in 150 countries to over 3,000 missionaries. We thank God for good people who invest in eternity. The Word of God will always stay on the mission field to do its work long after the missionary is gone.

Please pray that more churches will get involved in the Bible-Printing Ministry. Providing a copy of the Word of God to every believer is the responsibility of every church member. We can all do something.

Dr. Julian Pope, the founder of BEAMS, was my missions teacher in Bible college. I was called to missions under his preaching in 1984.

I thank God for Dr. Curtis Hall. He has captured the same vision I have, and he is now working along with us in providing the Word of God to every believer in all nations.

I presented the great need for Bibles in 13 different churches during the month of February and drove nearly 4,000 miles.

The Lord has provided material for our 21st container. Bearing Precious Seed in Milford, Ohio, has provided 900 cases of John & Romans in 4 different languages. Pastor Walls and Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church have printed 100,000 Thai John & Romans, which will be sent on another container later this year.

I will be leaving on May 31 to return to Thailand for six weeks. My first meeting will be the Annual Bible Conference at First Baptist Church Nawong with Pastor Eddie Arold.

We love you. Thank you for your support for our work.

Into all the world,

Bob Bowen
Philippians 4:13