Ben Turner Prayer Letter: Greetings From Beautiful British Columbia!II Thessalonians 1:3, “We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren . . . .”

Our family would like to express our sincere thanks to each of you who faithfully pray and give that the work of the Lord might continue here in the Vancouver area and beyond. As we approach the month of May every year, it is very humbling to realize how many years many of you have supported our family. This May will mark 19 years since our arrival here in the Vancouver area. This would mean that many of you have been supporting us for over 20 years! THANK YOU!!

It is not news to you to hear that the Great Commission is the responsibility of every Christian and that the Great Commission isn’t just a singular task. At Anchor Baptist Church, we are seeking God’s help in fulfilling the entire Great Commission—Go, Win, Baptize, Teach (Matthew 28:19-20)! Since the beginning of 2019, by God’s grace, we have seen 19 people saved and 6 people baptized, and we currently have 7 people in a discipleship program. We give God ALL the glory! Please pray with us as we seek to go more, win more, baptize more, and disciple more.

Reese got saved back in late January and followed the Lord in believer’s baptism this past Sunday! He is currently in a rehab facility. Please pray that he continues to grow in grace! Reese looks forward to my picking him up for church every Sunday. Praise the Lord!

The Lord gave me the opportunity to preach at a 13-year old’s birthday party. The family are members of Anchor Baptist Church and had invited friends that they knew were unsaved. To God be the glory, there were 5 people who made a profession of faith at the party. Please pray as the host family follows up on these new believers.

We truly are blessed to be serving the Lord here in Vancouver. There is much work to be done. Would you please pray with me for at least one week that God would send labourers to Vancouver?

In Christ,

The Turners
Ben, Becky, Brianna, and Emma