Ben and Becky Turner Prayer Letter: Thanksgiving and Praise to Our God!It is with much thanksgiving and praise to our God that we write this letter. We are simply amazed by the faithfulness of our great God and how He continues to work in and through us.

Please give thanks with us to God for the following:

• We met all summer outside for the Sunday morning service under 11 tents!
• Our Sunday evening attendance has seen consistent growth!
• Becky organized and led a meeting for 25 ladies from Anchor Baptist! They were encouraged to fall in love with Jesus again.
• We have seen 16 precious souls saved in the last few months!
• We have had 7 precious people baptized in the last few months! Abi, who was mentioned in our last letter, was one of them.
• We are scheduled to baptize 3 brothers on October 30!
• Our daughter Emma has adjusted well in her freshmen year at Bible college!
• The Canadian border is fully open! I would highly recommend Vancouver as a missions-trip destination. 😊

I would also like to share several prayer requests:

• Lost souls are waiting to be won. We continue to see people immigrating to Vancouver from all over the world and especially from Asia.
• Labourers are needed. I have joined praying with a pastor friend for 100 consecrated labourers for Canada.
• Location is needed. We are still praying for a miracle building. God is able!

Thank you for continuing to invest in the work of the LORD here in Vancouver and beyond. Your prayers and financial support are greatly needed and appreciated.

God bless you!

Ben, Becky, and Emma Turner
Philippians 3:13-14