Baraka Hall Prayer letter:  Our New JourneyDear Friends,

This past February, after I returned from my survey trip to Ghana, we immediately cleaned out our house, gave pretty much all of our things away, and began our deputation journey. Our first church to visit was in Columbus, Ohio, at Anchor Baptist Church. They had an amazing missions conference and spoiled us greatly. We thought that if all of deputation goes as wonderful as it did there, then deputation would be a breeze. However, reality set in, as we missed our very next appointment to present due to a “clerical” error (wrote down the wrong church name—lesson learned) on our part. We have referred to this quote often: “Your best teacher is your last mistake.” We are learning, and our faith has definitely increased over the last several weeks. We especially want to thank the pastors who have been extremely flexible and very accommodating.

We have traveled to the West Coast, the East Coast, the Midwest, and are currently in the South. We have met so many wonderful people and have been blessed by so many wonderful churches. It’s been a true joy to see many come forward and express a desire to return to or start working with the Deaf. I am so glad for the opportunity to ignite something here in the States and not just in Ghana.

In March we returned home for the First Annual Missions Conference at First Baptist Church of Hammond. This was an exciting time for us. We were not among the presenting missionaries, but it was amazing to see what God was doing there and to see how God would use and bless us. We decided that we, too, would partake in giving to the missionary families. All week God placed on our hearts the amount we would give each missionary family. This was not an easy decision, seeing that we, too, were on deputation and living by faith. However, all week God was saying, “Do you trust Me?” As we submitted to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, God not only sent us an unexpected check to cover our giving but then blessed us afterwards with triple the amount we gave.

At the end of April, we were able to take part in a wedding of two of our dear friends. After the wedding with God’s planning, He led us to attend a high school volleyball tournament for the Deaf. It was there that I was able to lead 3 Deaf people to the Lord, these being my wife’s former student, my wife’s former coworker, and a former classmate of mine. To God be the glory!

Please keep us in your prayers. We ask you to pray that we would meet more Deaf in America to win to Christ on our journey of deputation. Please pray that God’s hand of protection would be around us and our van. We have one more payment on our van, and you know that as soon as you get a vehicle paid off, the problems begin. We are praying that this does not hold true for us. We ask you also to pray for churches to be willing for us to present and that God would lead us to the ones He has planned for us.

We want to thank you for granting us an opportunity to present our ministry to the Deaf in Ghana, West Africa, at your church. May God richly bless you!

Thank you for your support,

The Hall Family