Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  Jesus Never Fails--Never Has, Never Will!I want to preface this letter by stating clearly that Jesus never fails—never has and never will! Sometimes we seemingly go through a valley to see that God is right there beside us. His goodness and mercy truly follow as we keep our eyes on Him.

I thank God for the indwelling of the Holy Ghost at salvation. He comforts, He guides, and He convicts. This is something that I had to cling to as two of our converts went astray from the faith. Nothing prepares a pastor for this, and to be honest, I was discouraged, as was my wife. These are people we love and have poured our hearts into for the past year. Our hearts were broken for them, knowing that the way of the transgressor is hard. Our prayer has been that the Holy Ghost will do a work in their hearts that only He can. Though a bit discouraged and heartbroken, we continued on through the motions, just keeping busy in God’s work. My family was asked to share a video update with our dear friends at Calvary Baptist Church in Bozeman, Montana. When my wife had finished editing it, I began to watch it. I began to account for all the things God has done with the Deaf here in Ghana: souls saved, lives changed, and hope shared. I had a revival in my heart. I rose up . . . “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” JESUS NEVER FAILS!

Please allow me to brag on my God. He has shown Himself able! I want to report that not one week has gone by that He has not led me to a new Deaf person with whom I could share the Gospel. Every week in both May and June, a Deaf person has turned from trusting their good works to placing their faith in Christ alone for salvation. If that wasn’t enough, God really stretched out His hand of goodness, as we saw eight new visitors come these past two months. To add to these blessings, towards the end of June, our people who were once uncertain stepped up in obedience to follow in believer’s baptism. HE NEVER FAILS—NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL!

Another blessing I want to share is seeing our CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults) being reached with the Gospel. Godwin is one of the hearing teenagers at Fundamental Baptist Church International. He is typically on property during our Sunday afternoon services. He has been such a help in sharing the Gospel in the Twi language with our CODAs. Four have put their faith in Christ alone for salvation. Praise God! HE IS FAITHFUL!

We know you are praying for us. It is evident. We want to thank you for your continued prayers and ask that you please not stop. We need you!

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family