Baraka Hall Prayer Letter: Hope for the HopelessGreetings from Ghana! We thank God for another group of Deaf souls who placed their faith in Christ alone for salvation these past two months. There are a couple testimonies that I want to share with you for this update.

We have had a good group of about five young men attending while they’ve been home on vacation from school. The Deaf schools here are residential. They go to school for about two to three months, and then they get a break of several weeks. I am still trying to learn their schedule. Praise the Lord! I was able to share the Gospel with all of them prior to their return to school, and all five put their faith in Jesus. I am excited about these young men who have a strong desire to grow spiritually and serve the Lord. When they are home, they are faithful to attend every service. Please pray, as they will be returning soon. I would like to schedule discipleship time with all of them.

My wife and I have been learning more and more Ghanaian sign language. However, sometimes it is difficult to communicate with those who have had little-to-no schooling. Their language is raw, for lack of a better word. We thank God for our faithful Deaf individuals who are willing to act as interpreters for us when sharing the Gospel.

One of those needs for an interpreter was with Yaa. My wife scheduled an appointment with her and Akwasi to come to our home. Akwasi has been such a huge help with communication. Yaa came believing if she could just be good enough, she would obtain Heaven, as if it is a reward for the righteous. As we were “tag teaming” sharing the truth from the Bible, we came to the penalty for sin. She understood the penalty for sin was Hell but insisted she could go to Heaven if she repented and did enough good. After showing her that her righteousness was “as filthy rags” and her righteousness would not take care of her sin dilemma, she lowered her head, and the tears began to well up in her eyes. We looked into her eyes and saw the look of utter hopelessness. “I have to accept it. I’ve been rejected, neglected, and suffering all of my life; and now it’s going to be for an eternity.” Thank God the story doesn’t end there! When she realized she was lost, we were able to share with her the gift for the guilty—Jesus Christ! Her face changed, and she said, “I want Jesus!” Her story is forever changed because she placed her faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation!!!

Thank you for your continued prayers for us. Please keep praying for the health of our family and for a vehicle. We know God will lead and provide in His timing; however, we are asking for wisdom.

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family