Baraka Hall Prayer Letter: God's Goodness and Goalshall1In the beginning of November, we were blessed to be with the dear people of Faith Bible Baptist Church of Lapeer, Michigan. We were thankful for the opportunity to go door to door, giving the Gospel with our friends from college, Pastor and Mrs. Jacob Gieseler and their children. The kids did outnumber the adults; but that did not deter us, and their efforts were just as important. The children could not wait for their turn to pass out Gospel tracts. It was such a joy to serve alongside these faithful people. We also rejoice because we recently received the news that the people of Faith Bible Baptist Church are our new partners in reaching the Deaf of Ghana. To God be the glory!!!

After receiving several responses, being asked many questions, and having several conversations with different pastors, I feel the need to clarify our goals. Please be gracious, and allow me to be very direct. We are going to Ghana to plant a church for the Deaf. This is not a Deaf Ministry or a “special needs” outreach. Yes, we are working as a part of a team, which will have its many benefits, especially reaching the hearing family members of the Deaf. The Deaf are a forgotten people who have their own culture and language. For many, going to a hearing church with an interpreter is not an environment that is conducive for them to receive the Gospel, be discipled, and then be sent out to repeat the process, which is really quite evident, as sources say that the Deaf population is one of the largest unreached people, not only in America but in the world. I will be doing exactly what every other hearing church-planting missionary will do, except I will be doing it in a language I use every day and in a culture with which I identify. I am not opposed to Deaf Ministries or interpreted services. I myself enjoy going to a service for hearing people. However, I have a pastor who is fluent in my language who can teach and disciple me should I have questions. I know that I am of a minority. The fact remains that the majority of Deaf around this world who do attend church do not have a pastor with whom they can communicate directly. Then, as a result, they become spectators who never reach their full potential for Christ, and many do not even understand the saving grace which Christ offers. I am attempting to clarify my goals where, I feel, there has been some confusion. Thank you for your patience.

I want to thank you all who prayed for my family and me during the passing of my mother. It was an honor to speak at her funeral and share the good news of our great Saviour. I’m thankful for the minister who also gave a clear presentation of the Gospel with an invitation and several responses.

We know that it is God Who giveth the increase. I would like to ask your prayers, not only for more meetings but also for God to work on the hearts where we have already presented. I am prayerful that more people will understand our goals and be burdened to partner with us to win, baptize, teach, and send the Deaf unto their own to carry on the Gospel message.

Your co-laborers for the cause of Christ,

The Hall Family