Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  God Has Been Good to Our FamilyWe want to thank you for your prayers, support, friendship, and love. God has been good to our family, and we are grateful that we have people from all over the world approaching the throne of God on our behalf.

The first Sunday in March, we celebrated a year of meeting as a church. God has truly blessed Hope Fundamental Baptist Church for the Deaf, and we are humbled that God has let us be a part of it. We are excited to see souls being saved and growth taking place, both in number and in spiritual maturity. It seems to have taken awhile, but we are specifically seeing men step up and take the lead.

In mid-March, my wife was admitted to the hospital here in Kumasi. She basically had a C-section to remove a 16x13x7-centimeter ovarian cyst. Yes, it was big! We were amazed to see how God worked everything out. One of our big fears as missionaries in a third-world country is medical care, but He calmed all of our fears (well, my wife’s anyway—I was still nervous). The doctor who performed the surgery studied in America; and the hospital was, by far, the best in the area. The aftercare was a little rougher; but, all in all, God was so gracious to her. After a few weeks, she was able to get around just fine. We are incredibly grateful for your prayers and for our Ghana Team members who gave a helping hand during that time. Just recently we received the results of the lab work for the cyst; and, praise God, it was benign!

The first week of January, Afua began attending church. My wife invited her to our home and there shared the Gospel with her. Afua placed her faith in Christ alone for salvation, and we have been blessed to see that she has not missed one Sunday since. Her husband Abass had visited us a few times but was constantly working to provide for their family, making it really difficult to schedule a time to witness to him. My wife shared our concern with Afua, and she strongly encouraged him to meet with me. We met the very next week, and Abass stopped trusting in his good works as a means of salvation and fully trusted in Christ. A few weeks later, Abass led me to more Deaf in their area, and I was able to witness to them as well. Both Abass and Afua are always inviting others to church and have been such an encouragement. Please pray for this young couple. Afua will be giving birth this summer, and she leaves soon to be with her mother for several months.

Thank you just seems so inadequate for your prayers and support. We want to ask you to continue praying specifically for wisdom, God’s guidance, more spiritual growth, and our health. God is good, and we love seeing His handiwork here at Hope Fundamental Baptist Church for the Deaf.

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family