Baraka Hall Prayer Letter: Ghana, Here We Come!I want to preface this letter with an apology for the delay and for the different format. We have been working on numerous things to get ready for our transition to Ghana. Sometimes I feel as if I’m doing things incorrectly . . . but God!!! He has guided us each step of the way and confirmed over and over again that He wants us in Ghana!


  • Complete deputation with Calvary Baptist Church in Bozeman, Montana—thank you, Pastor Frymier, for inviting us. We couldn’t have asked for a better end to deputation.
  • Drive over 1,400 miles in 2 days to vote
  • Ordination
  • Passports
  • Vaccinations
  • Doctor and dental checkups—thank you for praying for Marissa. She now requires an EpiPen.
  • Make it through Christmas—thank you for all the Christmas gifts!
  • Visas
  • Pack and ship barrels—thank you, Pastor Zach Morrison, for all your help!
  • Exit interview with FBMI
  • Good-byes to family and friends—cried like a baby
  • Airline tickets

___Vehicle in Ghana

As you can see, we only have one box left to check off. Please pray for our transition, and pray that our last need will be checked off soon. Thank you for your continued support and prayers! Ghana, here we come!

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family