Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  EnJOYing Serving the LordWhat a JOY it’s been seeing the Lord work these past two months! In March, we finished our first eight-week program, Faith and Faithful. Because of the works-based salvation indoctrination here, our intention for these eight weeks was to intensely drive home the truth, through various portions of Scripture, that their good works had no part in their salvation. At the same time, we emphasized the importance of being faithful to God through the local church. This program resulted in several visitors, salvations, baptisms, and a more faithful Sunday school attendance. What a JOY it has been watching the Deaf faithfully take part in our Bible Reading Program during this time. Where Bible reading was extremely overwhelming before, they are now actively participating and having satisfaction in truly learning the Scriptures. Our plan is to continue with these Bible readers for the remainder of the year.

On Easter Sunday, we enJOYed celebrating the Resurrection of our Saviour with a full house for our Sunrise Service, with 38 Deaf, and a packed-to-the-brim house for our regular service, with 51 Deaf. It was a JOY to see returning students and some new faces from the Deaf school home on break.

The Tuesday after Easter, we had fun-filled day as we packed a tro-tro (minibus) and headed for the village for our bi-weekly meeting with Missionary Josh Brown. DaCoster and Alice Asubonteng from Fundamental Baptist Church International joined us. My wife’s Deaf student Elijah is Bro. DaCoster’s youngest brother. Bro. DaCoster wanted to see our village ministry with the Deaf, and Alice was assisting in the first S.M.I.T.E. (Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism) Bible Club conducted in that village. S.M.I.T.E. is a ministry of Missionary Mark Holmes in Nigeria that has been taught and implemented here in Ghana. Praise the Lord! All the teamwork (four different missionary ministries) resulted in 38 children trusting Christ as their Saviour. The trip home was quite the adventure, as the tro-tro was not able to return to the village. All 22 of us packed into Bro. Brown’s 7-passenger SUV, which no longer had the use of the 4×4 option. After about 20 minutes of driving, we slid out due to the wet dirt roads and were not able to get up the hill to the nearest taxi/tro-tro station. We eventually got back to the Browns’ house about 5 hours later. It was not an easy trip, but it definitely wasn’t without fun. God’s business is the greatest business on earth. What a JOY and privilege we have to serve our Saviour.

Thank you for your continued prayers. As always, please keep praying for the health of our family. We also want to ask your prayers concerning our vehicle. It needs to be repaired before we can use it on the village roads. While it isn’t a major fix in America, it is in Ghana. Please help us pray for a capable mechanic and decent parts.

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family