Baraka Hall Prayer Letter: COVID Can't Stop God“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.” (Psalm 122:1) Praise God for the past two months we have been able to meet as a church! With the restrictions, we were limited to one-hour services and had to adhere to social-distancing and mask protocols. Get ready to lift up a shout, because we know COVID-19 has not restricted God’s power! God brought an abundance of visitors, and we had a record attendance of 61! We have seen 10 souls saved and 6 baptized in these past 2 months. What a MIGHTY God we serve! Last night the president of Ghana announced an ease of the restrictions, allowing up to two-hour services. Please continue to pray, as we will need to adjust services again.

With the uncertainty of flights and not having church services for three months, I have come to the conclusion that we will need to delay our furlough. We were halfway through with filling our schedule when everything was shut down. Please pray that God would give us wisdom as to when to reschedule. He knows the best time.

We were glad to see two very special children come to trust Christ as their Saviour, Elijah and Blessing. My wife has taught both of these children, who came to us with zero—literally zero—language, in our home. Elijah has lived with us for about two years now. My son was being silly and joked with Elijah about Hell. After rebuking both of them, I explained to Elijah that he was a sinner and the punishment for sin was a very real Hell. I left it at that because I wasn’t sure if he understood what I meant. A little later, I found that he had put himself to bed and was crying. I asked him what was wrong. He said he was scared, and he didn’t want to go to Hell. This was a clear indication that he understood, and it was time to share the good news of the Gospel. Both my wife and I carefully explained that only Jesus could take away his sins. He said, “I want Jesus.”

Later my wife asked Blessing to come on a Saturday. I had previously explained salvation to Blessing with one of our men. Melanie wanted to be sure she understood and also talk to her about baptism. Blessing understood she was a sinner and that there was a penalty for sin. However, she wasn’t quite sure how she could be forgiven of her sins. Melanie gently led her through the Scriptures, and Blessing trusted Christ as her Saviour. Melanie went on and explained to her about obeying the Lord in baptism. Elijah jumped into the conversation and said he wanted to be baptized too. Both Blessing and Elijah were baptized the very next day.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. I want to ask diligent prayer for a specific event. We have planned an outreach event, partnering with Missionary Joshua Brown and local pastors of nearby villages. Our goal is to supply 50 Deaf villagers with provisions, as well as meet their spiritual needs by sharing the Gospel. This is no easy task, as the majority, if not all of them, have never been to school and hence have no formal language. Praise God that we don’t have the one-hour restriction, and we have a few Deaf men who grew up in the village who can “interpret”; however, we really need God’s hand around us. Please pray that God would bind Satan and that the Holy Spirit would work so these precious people would understand the Gospel.

Your co-laborers for Christ,

Rocky, Melanie, Rocky, Malachi, Tyler, and Marissa Hall