Baraka Hall Prayer Letter: But God Gave the IncreaseLast December we loaded up the “Blueberry Express,” our blue van, and headed for the West. As you know, December is typically a slow month for missionaries due to the holidays. For our family this was no different. “. . . but God gave the increase.” (I Corinthians 3:6) God gave us two golden months in January and February. January began and continued with many churches contacting us to let us know that they had voted to take us on for support. God not only increased our support but our meetings as well. We had such good meetings with many wonderful churches.

hallPastor Salazar and Montecito Baptist Church invited us to be a part of their missions conference held in January. They spoiled us and fed us, encouraged us and fed us, loved on us and fed us, voted to partner with us and fed us some more. It was there we were able to go out sharing the Gospel with a team of people. My kids could not wait to pass out Gospel tracts. Marissa was even holding her tract and chanting as we knocked, “Open the door!” She was too cute and really well received. My wife had several opportunities to share the Gospel. Some were just planting seeds. “. . . but God gave the increase.” (I Corinthians 3:6) We came to a door, and a gentleman named Arthur answered. He was a good man but believed good works were going to take him to Heaven. He listened intently as my wife explained from the Bible that good people don’t go to Heaven; only righteous people do. She showed Arthur how Christ did ALL the work on the cross. She explained he needed to place his faith in Jesus Christ as his way for salvation, and as a result, Christ’s righteousness would be imputed on his account. Arthur called on Jesus that day. To God be the glory!!!

hall2We are looking forward to what God has in store for this spring. We’ve been very blessed to have several pastors get involved with helping fill our schedule. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. We have some specific prayer requests. Please pray that our vehicle will last for the remainder of deputation. Right now we are getting symptoms of a worn-out van. We will be taking it to a mechanic, and we are praying it will be an easy and inexpensive fix. Also, please pray, as we are seeking medical advice for our son Tyler. Long story, but it boils down to recently a pediatrician said he may need his tonsils removed. Please be in prayer for a meeting we have scheduled in New York. The pastor is looking to set up a speaking engagement at a local Deaf residential school. Pray for an open door to share the Gospel. Lastly, please pray that God continues to give us the increase. We know that when we turn our focus from Him and attempt to achieve in our own strength, we will fail. We are begging God for the increase.

Your co-laborers for the cause of Christ,

The Hall Family