Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  BAM, POW, ZAP!Thank you for your continued prayers and support. This past August, we conducted our first Deaf Conference to coincide with the annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference conducted by Fundamental Baptist Church International. We invited Bro. Jason Maloney to come teach and preach. The teaching was done in such a way as to expand and enhance their language, while at the same time giving Bible truths. We are thankful to report that 7 Deaf understood the Gospel and put their faith in Christ for salvation. One of the most exciting things to witness was the young men in our church sharing their faith with other Deaf. In the evenings, we joined the Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. Through the preaching of Pastor John Wilkerson, we had 8 young men surrender to serve God with their lives. Praise God! Our son Malachi was one of them.

In the month of September, the Devil was fighting. We were expecting this after seeing what all God had done at the conference. The young men who surrendered at the conference were faced with temptations and struggles that brought discouragement. There was family discord, one fell sick with pneumonia, another was sent away for school, and just last week, one young man’s father passed away unexpectedly. However, each time, God stepped in with a BAM, POW, ZAP! More souls were saved, more visitors came, more were baptized, and more men wanted to be involved and discipled. Let me brag on my God. One Sunday we had several visitors. My wife took a young lady in the next room to share the Gospel with her. A couple minutes later, Augustine joined her with another young lady, and he was able to witness to her. He was followed by Shabel and Kelvin witnessing to a young man. We also have had 5 baptisms since the conference. GOD IS GOOD!!!

After the conference, we had a great meeting with Pastor Ted Speer. We have outgrown our room that we are renting and have come to the conclusion that we need to get property and build. Pastor Speer was an encouragement to us and offered a wealth of wisdom for attaining property. Not only is it our desire to build a church building, but it is also our desire to start a school for the Deaf, along with a training center. So often we are asked by national pastors to come and teach their Deaf. The Deaf are not centrally located. There are literally pockets of them EVERYWHERE! We want to teach and train men and women to go to these places. Please pray with us for wisdom and that God would lead us to the right property.

We are now preparing for our furlough, which will be September through November 2020. We will be reaching out to schedule meetings, but please don’t hesitate to email us if you would like to schedule us for an update.

We know you are praying for us. Thank you and please don’t stop now. We need them more than ever!

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family