Tommy Ashcraft Prayer Letter: You Are Our Supporters, Our Partners in the Other ShipAlmost every time Emily and I sit down at a meal, we thank God for you and your faithfulness in making it possible for us to be where God has called us. You are more than our supporters; you are our partners in the other ship (Luke 5:7).

We have had the privilege of being in several churches since our last prayer letter. October 9-11, we were in the Missions Conference at Iglesia Bautista Victoria in Baytown, Texas, with Pastor Isaias Rodriguez. Most of these conferences not only give me the opportunity to preach to the congregation, but they also afford us time with the pastor, his wife, and other visiting pastors, giving them counsel and advice on a myriad of ministry-related issues. What a privilege it is for God to use our experience to help especially young men of God avoid some of the mistakes that we have made.

On October 22, Emily went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where she taught for several years in a Christian school. Her dear friend, Kris Hall, who went to Heaven five years ago, had left some notes about her teaching experiences. Kris was an outstanding teacher. Emily, with the help of a friend, transcribed this amazing material and put it in a book. The book was presented to the students and faculty of the school on October 26, and Emily had the privilege of being in the program.

October 25-30, we were with Pastor Todd Lasseter at Trinity Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas. I taught a modular missions course in Trinity Baptist College. Between Sunday and Friday, I taught and preached 28 times! God has been so good in giving me the stamina to fulfill such a schedule. The teaching was well received.

On November 1, we were in Springtown Baptist Temple in Springtown, Texas, where my friend of many years, Bro. George White, pastors. It had been a long time since I had seen the Whites. What a joy it was to renew our friendship. The day before, Emily and I had lunch with my brother David and his wife Debra, who live in Springtown. David is retired from the U.S. Air Force. I am so proud of his service for our country. We always enjoy spending time with them. They are great people.

November 15-18, we were in the Missions Conference at Central Baptist Church in Center, Texas, where Bro. Danny Dodson is pastor. Bro. Dodson came to Mount Hebron in 1973, and it was here that he surrendered to the ministry. They treated us royally. Central Baptist is a great missionary church. Bro. Dodson has pastored there for 34 years.

We spent Thanksgiving in Lubbock, Texas, with Brenda’s sisters, Nyla and Peggy. Two of our kids, Jonathan and Tammie, were there with their children. We had a great time. So many memories were made in the place where Brenda grew up.

November 29, we took three of our grandchildren to visit Bible Baptist Church in Pampa, Texas, with Pastor Paul Hudson. This great missionary church has supported us faithfully for almost 50 years.

God has blessed our soul-winning efforts. Thursday, December 17, Emily and I were getting in the truck to go soul winning. A lady and two young boys approached us selling turnovers. I said, “I’ll buy your turnovers if you will listen to me for a few minutes.” They listened to the plan of salvation, and the mom and 2 young boys trusted Christ as their Saviour. We then went to the local plaza, where a young man named Humberto was also saved, along with 3 rescue workers. Emily gave tracts to 24 people while I was witnessing.
December 18-23, we were in a Workers’ and Missions Conference in Acapulco with Pastor Marcelo Gante. Now don’t feel sorry for us. 😊 We enjoyed spending Emily’s birthday, December 22, in that beautiful place! While we were in Acapulco, Bro. Gante received a call from a lady from First Baptist Church in Hammond, whose father, who lived in Acapulco, had just died. We went to the funeral home, and Pastor Gante gave me the opportunity to speak. I gave the plan of salvation, and 6 of Señor Franco’s relatives were saved.

Last Tuesday night, Emily and I were door knocking. One man listened to the whole plan of salvation but refused to pray. Two other people didn’t have time. Then we approached a house where a family was finishing dinner and watching television. I stepped up to the door and asked, “Where is the man of the house?” Immediately, an elderly man (probably about 74 years old) said, “I’m right here.” I asked if I could talk to them about the Word of God. Señor Gerardo said, “Turn the television off, and let’s listen to what this man has to say.” I gave the plan of salvation, and 10 people—granddad, grandma, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, and 5 grandkids—prayed and trusted Christ! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your sacrificial giving and your prayers that make it possible for us to serve God where He has placed us. We pray for you.

Yours for souls,

Tommy and Emily Ashcraft
John 9:4