Tommy Ashcraft Prayer Letter: Opportunities to ServeThank you for your faithful support of this ministry and for praying for us. We never cease to be amazed at your faithfulness, especially during these very challenging times.

Please pray for Emily. She has been dealing with several health issues lately, but we believe she is on the mend. Please pray that her treatment will be effective.

Since we last reported to you, we have had the opportunity to serve in several ministries. September 6-11, we were with my dear friend, Bro. Elmer Fernandez, at Bethel Baptist Church in Bartlett, Illinois. I preached the Sunday and Wednesday night church services, taught 12 classes on Sunday school administration in the Spanish Fires of Evangelism Bible College, and preached 4 times in the Christian school and college chapels. It was a great opportunity to help the college students develop an effective Sunday school program in their future churches.

September 13-16, we were in the Missions Conference at Lewis Avenue Baptist Church in Temperance, Michigan. Bro. Steve Hobbins and his people treated us royally. This is a great church, and they have a very special love for missionaries. Emily served on staff and in the Bus Ministry there for eight years. This is where Emily met and, along with some wonderful people in that church, helped to disciple our daughter-in-law Jenny, Pastor Jonathan’s wife. It was a treat to see Emily spend time with people she has known and loved for many years.

Last Thursday night during church-wide soul winning, I witnessed to Moises, a middle-aged man. After showing him from the Scriptures that what he was doing was sin, he humbly prayed and trusted Christ as his Saviour. What a joy it is to find people who are willing to listen to the Gospel!

September 25-28, we were with my dear friend, Bro. Darrell Hurst, at New Zion Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Kentucky. This is the 28th year that I have had the privilege of preaching Bro. Hurst’s Missions Conference. Several years ago, I commented to Brenda that I wondered why Bro. Hurst had me back year after year. She said, “Maybe he’s waiting for you to get it right!” Well, I guess I didn’t get it right this year either, because he invited me back for next year! I’ve told those dear folks everything I know about missions, and I’ve even made up some stuff. Emily and I had a wonderful time soul winning with the Hursts on Saturday morning.

This week I had another wonderful time preaching the Missions Conference for Bro. Joel Garcia in Liberty Fundamental Baptist Church in Saltillo, 80 miles from home. Bro. Garcia was trained in Bro. Sonny Fritz’s Bible college here in Monterrey. Bro. Sonny Fritz came to Mexico as a missionary in the early 60s, not very long after my family arrived. Bro. and Mrs. Fritz were saved in a church started by Bro. Bryan Williams in Ennis, Texas. Bro. Williams also served as a missionary in the Monterrey area. Bro. Williams was saved and baptized in the church my father, L.H. Ashcraft, pastored in Waxahachie, Texas. So, my Dad reached Bro. Williams, Bro. Williams reached Bro. Fritz, Bro. Fritz trained Bro. Garcia, and I had the privilege of preaching Bro. Garcia’s Missions Conference 60 years later! Wow! Is God good or what?!

Bro. Ivan Ramirez and his family presented their ministry in the service last night. Bro. Ramirez is going to Israel as a missionary. I took Ivan and his family to church for the first time when he was just nine years old. He graduated from law school and then from our Bible institute and served full-time in our church and institute for 14 years. He is one of our graduates serving on 18 different foreign mission fields. You have had a part in training all of them.

Thank you again for your faithfulness, not only to this ministry, but to the Lord. We pray for you and are keenly aware of the challenges you deal with in order to keep supporting your missionaries.

Yours for souls,

Tommy and Emily Ashcraft
John 9:4