Eddie Arold Prayer Letter:  One More ChurchGreetings From the Arold Family!

June was a month unlike any other. We had our first annual soul-winning conference with Dr. Mike Mutchler. There were 30 other pastors and missionaries present with their families and church members. God also allowed us to have several church meetings/services at the site of our future church.

We have two choices in Thailand: slow down or work while the door is open. God has opened up a door for us to start a second church in the same area as the first church in Buriram. The church would be done by November 22, which would give us a total of 3 churches. The reason we can do this is due to the fact that the builder has offered a good price to build the building while he is building the other one. I would love nothing more than to start these 2 churches on the same day. My goal is 100 churches with 100 members each, totaling 10,000 people in attendance each week. The math is 3 churches per year and 33 years, if God allows, which totals 99 churches, plus 1 more along the way.

The preacher and the people are there; the only thing lacking is the $6,000 to build the building. It is nearly impossible to start a church anywhere in the world for $6,000. I am overwhelmed with excitement thinking that by November, it is very possible that we could have 2 new churches in the 10/40 Window, IF someone will give to be a part.

Eddie Arold and Family