Eddie Arold Prayer Letter:  God Is WORKING!Wow! Where do I begin? God has been doing what He does best here in Thailand—WORKING! That is God’s specialty! We have been trusting Him and have been enjoying watching what He is doing.

Over the past four weeks, we have had good attendances, although it is the summer break. People have been saved and baptized, and the people are growing. We just returned from a teen camp, with 12 of our young people going overnight 3 hours away. I was upstairs playing Xbox with some young people, and I heard some noise. I asked someone who it was, and they told me it was our teenagers downstairs, practicing my favorite song for Sunday. I have been blessed beyond all measure!

Our churches and church plants are doing well. We just got a report from one of the planters we trained in Cambodia, and he is seeing people saved every week. Our church plants are growing, and the preachers are calling me every other week with some of their members telling me blessings. Thank you for being a part of this!

Please pray for my wife in the loss of her brother. We have many financial needs regarding this and would appreciate your prayers.

God bless you, and if you ever desire to visit us, please let us know!

God bless,

The Eddie Arold Family
Romans 6:18